Cirque Éloize take on London!

As the London run of Cirque Éloize and their show Cirkopolis continues at The Peacock Theatre we decided to show the company the sights! Where are your favourite sight seeing spots in London?

DSC_0913Small DSC_0915 DSC_0921resized DSC_0924 Sightseeing1 sightseeing2 sightseeing3 sightseeing4 sightseeing5 sightseeing6 sightseeing7 sightseeing8 sightseeing9 sightseeing10 sightseeing11 sightseeing12 sightseeing13 sightseeing14 sightseeing15 sightseeing16 sightseeing17 sightseeing18 sightseeing19

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