LIPA Ladies on Tour – Brighton Final installment and reflection

On Wednesday, 16th of April, we left Southampton for our last stop with Compagnie Käfig and Dance Consortium – Brighton. All the beautiful cities we have seen so far travelling with this tour paled in comparison with this wonderful seaside … Read more

The LIPA ladies on tour in Southampton

As we’re writing this blog, ¾ of the tour are completed. It only takes a week to meet the company and fall in love with the show. When we think about waving them goodbye on Saturday, an unexpected feeling of … Read more

Boxe Boxe helps to open Leicester’s Inside Out Festival

Catch up with the LIPA Ladies as they continue to tour around the UK with Compagnie Kafig… “We left beautiful Salford on Wednesday and continued our tour with Dance Consortium and Companie Kafig to the next destination – Leicester. Usually … Read more

Boxe Boxe – Audience Reactions

We had a fantastic opening night this week for Compagnie Kafig’s Boxe Boxe at Milton Keyne’s Theatre. See what our audiences had to say And make sure you remember to book your tickets here

The LIPA Ladies on tour…

For our current tour of Boxe Boxe we’ve been joined by two lovely LIPA (Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts) Ladies. Beatrice and Diana are touring with Compagnie Kafig as they continue to take Boxe Boxe around the UK and hope to … Read more

Bonjour Compagnie Kafig

Last night Compagnie Kafig arrived into the UK by Eurostar to begin their Dance Consortium tour of Boxe Boxe. The UK tour opens this evening, Tuesday 25th March and runs until  Friday 18th April. Compagnie Kafig are performing in Milton … Read more