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Dancers as Athletes

The human body is an amazing machine and in everyday life we use merely a fraction of the muscles and movement permutations available to us.  Contemporary dance is one dance genre that constantly explores the movements of the body striving … Read more

Judith Jamison

Profile: Judith Jamison was appointed Artistic Director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in December 1989 at the request of her mentor, Alvin Ailey. The Early Years: A native of Philadelphia, she studied with Marion Cuyjet, was discovered by Agnes de … Read more

An Interview With Choreographer Donald Byrd

Shards Revisited Donald Byrd is one of the most acclaimed modern dance choreographers of our era. He recently worked with the Ailey 2 dancers to restage his innovative work Shards, which, in 1988, was the first ballet he created for … Read more

Step Family: Interview with Alvin Ailey dancers

By Kelly Apter Leaving home can bring excitement and fear in equal measure. Whether it’s to start university, get married or just strike out on your own, we often build surrogate ‘families’ to replace the ones we leave behind. Ailey … Read more


Ailey 2: Greener grass by Fana

Our tour concluded with wonderful performances in Truro, Belfast, and Salford, each city broadening my view of the UK’s landscapes, fashion, and people. Truro was interesting, almost like a maze with all of the curving streets and alleyway shops. Belfast … Read more

Ailey 2 blog photos

Ailey 2: Cheers UK by Colin

  Photos by Colin Heyward 1 – Truro Cathedral 2 – Jackie trying on Louboutins 3 – Swan by the canal 4 – Belfast Grand Opera House 5 – Outside the Salford Lowry 6 – Beautiful sunset in Salford Hello … Read more

photos from Ailey 2 tour

Ailey 2: Beautiful city overlooking the sea by Fana

Photos by Fana: 1. The beautiful Pavilion Theater 2. The Royal Bath Hotel 3. Seaside at sunset 4. Fun times at the hotel Another beautiful city overlooking the sea! We stayed at the Royal Bath Hotel, which is grand enough … Read more

Photos by Collin Heyward

Ailey 2: Me Time, by Colin

Hello again.  The next destination on our itinerary is Bournemouth, England.  Like Brighton, Bournemouth has a gorgeous beach that overlooks the English Channel.  I found time to take a long stroll on the beach to reflect on life.  I find … Read more

Ailey 2 photos Brighton

Ailey 2: Watching and Learning, by Fana

Photos: 1) The very Royal Pavilion (you should see the inside!) 2) The beautiful Brighton Pier on the sea. 3) Ailey 2 men backstage before The Hunt 4) The West Pier in the distance 5) Inside the Sea Life Aquarium … Read more

Ailey 2 blog photos

Ailey 2: Left with a smile, Colin

Photo 1 – All smiles on our way to London. (photo by Slim Mello) Photo 2 – My london postcard. (photo by Slim Mello) Photo 3 – Brighton Pier. (photo by Collin Heyward) Photo 4 – Top of the Brighton … Read more