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Dancers as Athletes

The human body is an amazing machine and in everyday life we use merely a fraction of the muscles and movement permutations available to us.  Contemporary dance is one dance genre that constantly explores the movements of the body striving … Read more

An Interview With Choreographer Donald Byrd

Shards Revisited Donald Byrd is one of the most acclaimed modern dance choreographers of our era. He recently worked with the Ailey 2 dancers to restage his innovative work Shards, which, in 1988, was the first ballet he created for … Read more

Step Family: Interview with Alvin Ailey dancers

By Kelly Apter Leaving home can bring excitement and fear in equal measure. Whether it’s to start university, get married or just strike out on your own, we often build surrogate ‘families’ to replace the ones we leave behind. Ailey … Read more

Alvin Ailey ADT: Two Weeks! By Constance Stamatiou

By Constance Stamatiou Yes, it is almost that time for us to get on a plane and head for the UK.  However, we must make a stop in Washington, DC on Tuesday to congratulate our Artistic Director, Judith Jamison, who … Read more

Alvin Ailey ADT: What does it take to be an “Ailey” dancer? By Daniel Harder

written by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater on 27.08.10 By Daniel Harder That is the question that I keep asking myself as I continue on this new journey as a member of the Ailey Company. The first words that come to … Read more

The Hunt by Robert Battle (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre)

Robert Battle may not assume his new position as Ailey’s Artistic Director until next spring, but his ballets are already a mainstay of the Company’s repertory. This season of his most popular and well-known works, The Hunt, will have its … Read more

Defining an Ailey Dancer: conversation with Judith Jamison

We spoke to Judith Jamison prior to a performance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre in May about what qualities she looks for in a dancer. Due to audition for new dancers that very next week, she told us … Read more

Focus on Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

How do you get such an amazing reaction with such a huge audience to play to? Artistic Director Judith Jamison: It’s very much to do with the dancers you see in front of you and our mandate.  Mr Ailey always … Read more

AAADT in Alvin Ailey's Revelations. Photo by Paul Kolnik

Judith Jamison, artistic director of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Understanding Spirit Donald Hutera talks with Judith Jamison, artistic director of the phenomenally popular Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater. ‘When I think of Alvin Ailey,’ dancer Judith Jamison wrote in her 1993 autobiography ‘Dancing Spirit’, ‘I think of rivers, the … Read more

Home Sweet Home: visiting Alvin Ailey HQ

In the lead up to the UK tour in 2005 Melanie Nix visited the home of Alvin Ailey which was purpose built in 2002. There can be no doubt as to the purpose of 405 West 55th Street. . . … Read more