Feature Category: Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Taiwan 2008

In conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: An introduction

Elemental Matters: Donald Hutera on Cloud Gate Dance Theatre Something amazing tends to happen to people when they watch Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. The work of this internationally acclaimed troupe from Taiwan is, in essence, based on a fusion of … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Deep Breathing

By Donald Hutera In its early days the company’s work drew upon a blend of Chinese opera, folklore, literature (Lin himself is a published writer) and contemporary Western styles. Then, after the lifting of martial law in 1987, Lin created … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Raising the Level

By Donald Hutera Whether they are on the road or at home in Taipei, Lin encourages his dancers to attend lectures, visit museums and galleries and expose themselves to other art forms and cultures. ‘You need to become illiterate in … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: The Internal Conversation

By Donald Hutera Lee knows a thing or two about textured dancing a la Cloud Gate, most of which is achieved only after an exceptional amount of hard work and dedication. ‘This company is not about what you can do,’ … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Growing Pains

By Donald Hutera During the post-show talk Lin spoke about choreographing Moon Water to selections from six of Bach’s suites for solo cello. ‘That was the first challenge. The dancers got so scared, because Bach is a performance by itself. … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Legends and Legacies

By Donald Hutera ‘He bears a deep responsibility towards his nation,’ Lee says of Lin. ‘It started 35 years ago with Cloud Gate’s slogan: “A company which can serve the society.” It’s the reason I’ve worked for him for such … Read more

Behind Moon Water Part 2: Production manager David Evans prepares for Cloud Gate Theatre

Behind Moon Water Part 2 Having returned to the UK I sent Richard a proposed schedule and technical rider.  This was a summary of what we had talked about and is an outline of how many crew are required to … Read more

Behind Moon Water: Production Manager David Evans on tour with Cloud Gate Theatre

Behind Moonwater David Evans, Production Manager for the Dance Consortium, talks to us about the technical aspect of putting on Moon Water. I first saw Cloud Gate’s production of Moon Water in a small venue in Barcelona, and its purity … Read more