Feature Category: Danza Contemporanea de Cuba 2010

Rafael Bonachela

Profile: Spanish born choreographer Rafael Bonachela’s stellar career both as a dancer and choreographer began in Barcelona where at the age of seventeen he performed with Lanonima Imperial. The Early Years: He traveled to England and joined Rambert Dance Company … Read more

Mats Ek

Profile: Mats Ek is the son of Anders Ek, one of Sweden’s most celebrated actors, and Birgit Cullberg, the choreographer and artistic director for the Cullberg Ballet Company. He was born in Malmö in 1945, and began a short period … Read more

George Céspedes

Profile: George Céspedes was born in Holguin in Cuba in 1979 and studied dance and choreography at the National School of Dance. The Early Years: He joined Danza Contemporanea de Cuba as a dancer in 1998 when he graduated, and as … Read more

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba by Donald Hutera

With more than two hundred and eighty premieres under its belt since it was formed in 1959, Danza Contemporanea de Cuba (DCC) remains the country’s flagship modern dance company. It’s slightly ironic that this hugely productive troupe refers to itself … Read more

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba: The politics of rhythm

Havana is an incredibly intoxicating city but like Cuba itself, highly contradictory. The quality of the country’s education system and healthcare services may be exemplary, but the wages of the average citizen are shockingly low. Partly this is due to … Read more

George Céspedes: Reluctant wunderkind

By Donald Hutera In his dance Mambo 3XXI George Céspedes, the 30 year-old wunderkind of Danza Contemporanea de Cuba, has created a subversive crowd-pleaser. His sensationally smart and sexy choreography gets maximum mileage out of a fabulous score by Nacional … Read more