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The Trocks: Brighton, Big Toe and Milton Keynes by Davide

I am absolutely in love with Brighton. We got there after a short bus ride and I immediately smelled the ocean air. I love to be by the sea. I was born in Cagliari, the capital of the island of … Read more

Trocks in Brighton

The Trocks: I love this place by Robert Carter

Here we are again in the United Kingdom. Let me start by saying I love this place! The lack of a language barrier is a plus but from a performer’s standpoint, one can become quite spoiled by the audiences to … Read more

Photo of Emanuel as Swan Queen

The Trocks: Enjoy yourself and keep on going by Emanuel

Recently I had the wonderful experience to debut in Brighton in the role of Swan Queen of Swan Lake’s Second Act that the company presents in this program now touring the UK.   I have been working on learning the part … Read more

The Trocks: Laundry and Luggage by Alberto

I am so happy to be back in London!!!! First of all it makes me feel home being in Europe. But also it reminds me of the time I’ve spent here while I danced with the English National Ballet. During … Read more

Kings Theatre

The Trocks: Afternoon Tea and Agatha Christie, by Raffaele

Trocks are back in the UK and have started performing last night in Glasgow at the King’s Theater: a new venue for us, the same great audience. It is  great to have people laughing since the very beginning of the … Read more

Trocks: Dancing around my room by Davide

I have a particular love for Scotland. In my mind I picture these beautiful landscapes as I sit on top of a rock overlooking the sea in a thick wool sweater. A comforting picture, of immense beauty, that I always … Read more

The Trocks in Guatemala

Trocks: Inspiration, by Robert Carter

Things have gotten off to a good start so far in 2011. Our US/ Canada tour went as planned and blessedly everyone has managed to keep in good form. Personally I find that our early part of the year performances, … Read more

The Trocks: Here’s to 2011! by Robert Carter

I’ve never been one to normally participate in this kind of thing because I’ve always thought the thoughts and observations of others are sometimes more interesting to me than my own, though most will say this is far from the … Read more

Focus on Paul Ghiselin – Ballet Master for The Trocks

Bring me my Swan costume… Paul Ghiselin muses on life with Ida Nevasayneva and on his role as ballet-master with the Trocks. By Mary Brennan For thousands of Trocks fans worldwide, there is one repertoire piece that they never tire … Read more

Tory Dobrin, Artistic Director of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo

‘Call me old-fashioned but…’ Tory Dobrin Flies the Flag for classical standards Mary Brennan talks to Tory Dobrin – Artistic Director of Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo Some things can really irk Tory Dobrin. Which is surprising, because the … Read more