Feature Category: Nederlands Dans Theater 1 – 2008

NDT1 dancer and choreographer: Medhi Walerski

Taking Steps to Make Steps Medhi Walerski arrives in the Green Room straight from the studio. He casts an eye over the guys chilling out at the nearby pool table, grins and says one thing. “NDT2.” Playing pool isn’t on … Read more

NDT1 dancer Sarah Reynolds

From Dublin to The Hague This time last year, Irish-born Sarah Reynolds was busy packing her bags and preparing to tour the UK with NDT2, the highly acclaimed junior wing of Nederlands Dans Theater. Even though she was caught up … Read more

All roads lead to the Hague

The global reach of NDT1 by Mary Brennan The chatter in the Green Room is such a lively mix of tongues it invites a quick reality check – am I at some UN conference? or is this really behind the … Read more

Anders Hellström: Artistic Director of Nederlands Dans Theater

By Mary Brennan …What makes an NDT1 dancer? So what does it take to become one of the thirty or so members of this world-acclaimed group? Anders Hellström, artistic director of NDT1 since 2004, finds words to capture the qualities … Read more

Donald Hutera in The Hague with Nederlands Dans Theater 2

The Premiere That evening the Lucent Danstheater is, in typical first-night fashion, packed out with an appreciative audience of colleagues, friends and company supporters alongside the general public. There’s also a group, about three dozen strong and all connected to … Read more