No Forgiveness by Jenny Gilbert

The world is not short of choreographers who have set out to update, shake up or otherwise reinvent the classics of the ballet stage. Few, though, have approached the task with the thoughtfulness of Dada Masilo, whose 2010 take on … Read more

The Art of Taking Risks by Kelly Apter

When the monotony of the 9-5 gets too much, we joke about running away to join the circus. Rather ironically, Cirque Éloize has done the opposite. In Cirkopolis, the Quebec-based company (temporarily) sets aside its joyful routine of acrobatics, juggling … Read more

Dancing to the Rhythms of Life by Mary Brennan

“When people think of Brazil – they think of football and carnaval…” Pedro Pederneiras laughs as he says this. He knows that by the end of tonight, hundreds of people will take away a whole other vision of his native … Read more

Boxing clever by Kelly Apter

Boxing and dance – two worlds that seem poles apart. Yet, as Boxe Boxe illustrates, there is more that connects than divides them. Growing up in France, Compagnie Käfig’s artistic director, Mourad Merzouki learned circus skills, martial arts and boxing … Read more

Cedar Lake Dance Company: American Playground By Donald Hutera

Cedar Lake can hold its collective head high on the American dance scene as one of this still young century’s definite success stories. Founded a decade ago by the arts philanthropist Nancy Laurie, there’s far more to say about the … Read more

An introduction to Sutra

By Dawn Prentice, Producer at Sadler’s Wells The name Sutra, taken literally, is a rope or thread that holds things together. Metaphorically, it is a rule, or set of rules, also binding. In Buddhism, the term was originally given to … Read more

Tales from touring Sutra

By Leila Ransley, Sutra Wardrobe Supervisor If someone had said to me a few years ago that I would get a job that would take me to over 25 countries and 50 odd cities, I would have said they were … Read more

Backstage with the Trocks

By Mary Brennan Autumn in Paris, and the Trocks – as Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo are affectionally known worldwide – are going to be kicking up their pointe-shoes at the legendary Folies Bergere. Paris is an old and … Read more

Men of distinction

By Mary Brennan The merest glance confirms it: Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo (to give the Trocks their full appellation) are a very rare breed, indeed. Because not many men can carry off a tutu and pointe shoes with … Read more

Shop ’til you Trock

Ida Nevasayneva Paul Ghiselin knows, down to the last gilt-edged detail, what Ida Nevasayneva would spend her every dime, rouble and euro on – and quantity seems as important as quality! “Ida would go for tons of gorgeous things. She … Read more