Deborah Colker’s High Fives!

Deborah Colker spills the beans on her biggest inspirations:

Favourite Songs

Frank Sinatra
All his songs!

Lou Reed
Walk on the Wild Side

Chet Baker
I love all his songs, but one CD especially, It would happen to you.

Elvis Presley
Love me Tender

Bob Marley
Songs of Freedom

Brazilian Musicians/Composers

Tom Jobim
Because he writes very nice music, very simple and very original

Tim Maia
Because he has a great voice and I love the beat of his music. It is very good to dance to. He was one of the most important black artists in Brazil, especially for dance music.

Jorge Benjor
He combines samba, funk, dance and creates very special music.

Bebel Gilberto
She sings like a child. Her music is innocent, ironic and depth all at the same time.

He was a samba composer and his lyrics were very beautiful.

Favourite Films

Talk to Her (director: Pedro Almodovar)
I like the hyper-realism. It could be a story about my friends or about me. I like the style of the film. It is intelligent, creative and expressive.

Dancer In The Dark (director: Lars Von Trier)
I love Bjork and I love the way the director told the story, mixing dance, music and dialogue.

La Reine Margot (director: Patrice Chereau)
I love the actors. It is historical, has depth and strength

All the films of Woody Allen
I love his humour, intelligence and subjects he talks about.

The Godfather Trilogy (director: Francis Ford Coppola)
To me these are together one of the best films I have seen in my life

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