Bringers of Light: Part 6 ‘Full Flow’ Guy Hoare

By Donald Hutera Guy Hoare began his lighting career by chance, working on small-scale fringe theatre shows while studying classics at Oxford.  ‘I had no idea this’d be what I’d want to do as a profession,‘ he confesses. ‘It never … Read more

Seeing Double by Allen Robertson

What do we see when we watch a dance? And how much of it do we actually retain? Questions like this bedevil artists in all fields. Listen to the works of many composers and you will often hear them recycling … Read more

Contemporary Dance – always changing

People in the arts regularly bandy about the phrase ‘contemporary dance,’ but what exactly do they mean? It’s a blanket term stretching all the way back to such early 20th-century modern dance pioneers as Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham, names … Read more

Opinions on Cruel

Ever wanted to know how other people talk about dance? Listen to a few different opinions on Deborah Colker’s work, Cruel, ranging from casual dance-goer to dance critic. Do you agree with what they say? Click the icons to hear … Read more

The Hunt by Robert Battle (Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre)

Robert Battle may not assume his new position as Ailey’s Artistic Director until next spring, but his ballets are already a mainstay of the Company’s repertory. This season of his most popular and well-known works, The Hunt, will have its … Read more

Defining an Ailey Dancer: conversation with Judith Jamison

We spoke to Judith Jamison prior to a performance at the New Jersey Performing Arts Centre in May about what qualities she looks for in a dancer. Due to audition for new dancers that very next week, she told us … Read more

Focus on: Deborah Colker, by Donald Hutera

Wise Child If the dance world held elections for Most Vivid Personality, it seems a safe bet thaBrazilian choreographer Deborah Colker would probably garner a healthy percentage of votes. A small, blazingly confident blonde of Russian-Jewish extraction, Colker has a … Read more

Deborah Colker’s High Fives!

Deborah Colker spills the beans on her biggest inspirations: Favourite Songs Frank Sinatra All his songs! Lou Reed Walk on the Wild Side Chet Baker I love all his songs, but one CD especially, It would happen to you. Elvis … Read more

Danza Contemporanea de Cuba by Donald Hutera

With more than two hundred and eighty premieres under its belt since it was formed in 1959, Danza Contemporanea de Cuba (DCC) remains the country’s flagship modern dance company. It’s slightly ironic that this hugely productive troupe refers to itself … Read more

Deborah Colker: Make a move on the human soul

By Keith Watson Metro 27 April 2010 Deborah Colker is a woman you mess with at your peril. Threatened with losing funding for her youth company, which recruits young dancers from Rio’s notorious favelas, Brazil’s leading choreographer hit the phone … Read more