In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Deep Breathing

By Donald Hutera In its early days the company’s work drew upon a blend of Chinese opera, folklore, literature (Lin himself is a published writer) and contemporary Western styles. Then, after the lifting of martial law in 1987, Lin created … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Raising the Level

By Donald Hutera Whether they are on the road or at home in Taipei, Lin encourages his dancers to attend lectures, visit museums and galleries and expose themselves to other art forms and cultures. ‘You need to become illiterate in … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: The Internal Conversation

By Donald Hutera Lee knows a thing or two about textured dancing a la Cloud Gate, most of which is achieved only after an exceptional amount of hard work and dedication. ‘This company is not about what you can do,’ … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Growing Pains

By Donald Hutera During the post-show talk Lin spoke about choreographing Moon Water to selections from six of Bach’s suites for solo cello. ‘That was the first challenge. The dancers got so scared, because Bach is a performance by itself. … Read more

In Conversation with Cloud Gate Theatre: Legends and Legacies

By Donald Hutera ‘He bears a deep responsibility towards his nation,’ Lee says of Lin. ‘It started 35 years ago with Cloud Gate’s slogan: “A company which can serve the society.” It’s the reason I’ve worked for him for such … Read more

The Electric Boogaloo Founding Members Boogaloo Sam After seeing legendary group the Lockers perform on television, Sam was inspired to create his own dance style. Around the years of 1975-1976 Sam created a set of movements that evolved into the … Read more

Special Pressures: Dancing at NDT2

Donald Hutera found time to talk to a couple of dancers from NDT2, Sarah Reynolds and Roger van de Poel, about life with NDT2 and future aspirations. After class the dancers spill out and drift into NDT’s long, airy ‘green … Read more

Hip Hop: Quote Unquote

by Donald Hutera Alongside Jonzi D, names to reckon with on the UK’s hip hop dance scene include Benji Reid (bodypopping champ turned scintillating soloist/director), Robert Hylton (who dubs his fusion of ballet, contemporary and hip hop ‘urban classicism’) and … Read more

Dance and Multimedia

The term ‘multimedia’ had become increasingly common where dance is concerned and whilst some may think the dance profession remains in the dark ages compared to other industries which take advantage of technological advances, the use of technology in dance … Read more

Focus on Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

How do you get such an amazing reaction with such a huge audience to play to? Artistic Director Judith Jamison: It’s very much to do with the dancers you see in front of you and our mandate.  Mr Ailey always … Read more