Tour blog and dancers' diaries

Mark Morris Dance Group: Halfway point, by Samuel

Samuel Black Dancer We just passed the halfway point of our tour! I’m sitting in the Bristol airport, waiting for our flight to Edinburgh to board.  This is our first and only flight of the tour (not including flying from … Read more

Mark Morris Dance Group: Shoes, shoes, shoes, by Rita

Rita Donahue Dancer Today is the second show day in our second city of the tour.  These are the tour days that I look forward to the most.  The first showdays involve long afternoon rehearsals before we even begin to … Read more

Mark Morris Dance Group: Opening night, by Adrienne

Adrienne Bryant Company Manager I’m writing from backstage in the Alhambra Theatre, located in Bradford.  We made it here safe and sound, and without major delays or difficulties.  We opened last night, and it went incredibly well…even with lots of … Read more

Mark Morris Dance Group: Soon we’ll be on the road, By Michelle

Michelle Yard Dancer I can’t believe it… this is my third UK tour and I get more and more excited every day. Sure, right now is a bit tense with rehearsals and packing but soon we’ll be on the road … Read more

Mark Morris Dance Group: Keeping things dramatic by Samuel

Samuel Black Dancer Just under two weeks until we leave for the UK tour!  I’m starting to make some mental lists about what to pack, although it’s hard to imagine now what clothes the weather in late November will call … Read more

NDT2: It’s the water by Wun

Cardiff It was last Thursday, the day we arrived  to Cardiff, we were invited to watch a dance performance by a dance company called Diversions. The show started at 8pm., there were still a couple of hours before that, with … Read more

Mark Morris Dance Group: Countdown to departure: 27 days! by Adrienne

Adrienne Bryant Company Manager It’s hard to believe that this tour is actually going to happen.  For so long it seemed like a distant event, mythical almost.  People who have been with the Dance Group for a while speak of … Read more

NDT2: A typical English dish by Roger

written by Roger on 15.06.09 UK… Salford The day has arrived… After a long busy season, we get to the last “chunk”! A tour in the UK, 4 cities, 8 performances, and one end… We travel to Salford on a Monday … Read more

Behind Moon Water Part 2: Production manager David Evans prepares for Cloud Gate Theatre

Behind Moon Water Part 2 Having returned to the UK I sent Richard a proposed schedule and technical rider.  This was a summary of what we had talked about and is an outline of how many crew are required to … Read more

Behind Moon Water: Production Manager David Evans on tour with Cloud Gate Theatre

Behind Moonwater David Evans, Production Manager for the Dance Consortium, talks to us about the technical aspect of putting on Moon Water. I first saw Cloud Gate’s production of Moon Water in a small venue in Barcelona, and its purity … Read more