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NDT2: Trip to Den Haag by Catherine Bell

Photos Clockwise from Top Left (by Paul Hindle): The Theatre, during the Tour, through a studio door, inside the theatre, dressing rooms, Studio. On an early, grey October morning some members of the Dance Consortium hopped on a plane in … Read more

Photo of Brock, Davide and Iliana

The Trocks: Birthday treats by Davide

I turned 27 on April 2nd. Touring as much as we do it happens quite often to celebrate my birthday on the road. I don’t mind it all. Sometimes people ask me: “How do you feel when you have to … Read more

The Trocks: Saffron cake and champagne ice cream by Raffaele

Photos: At a rest stop on the way to Edinburgh I heart UK The Balmoral Hotel …And here we are, almost at the end of another  tour. We are now on the bus going to Edinburgh; a sunny spring day … Read more

The Trocks: Bus Rides, by Robert Carter

So we’re drawing close to the end of another tour here in the UK and while it has been a successful run, despite a few ups and downs behind the scenes, I can say I’m ready to go home. Don’t … Read more

The Trocks: Art and Champagne by Alberto

Hi dear readers, here I am again! Two weeks fulls of events has passed by since the last time I wrote on the blog. In tour the time passes by slowly and every day is pretty much the same. I … Read more

The Trocks: That’s what happens when I don’t eat well by Emanuel

Hola a todos! Can I ask you a question? … I’ll take that as a yes so here it is: why do the restaurants close so early in the UK?   Once the show is over, after we get out of … Read more

The Trocks: Laundry by Raffaele

With my friend Federico Brighton’s Royal Pavillion Iliana, Giovanni, Britton and Davide on the train to Wimbledon When I first wrote we were at the very beginning of the tour: now we are  almost half way through: and it has … Read more


Ailey 2: Greener grass by Fana

Our tour concluded with wonderful performances in Truro, Belfast, and Salford, each city broadening my view of the UK’s landscapes, fashion, and people. Truro was interesting, almost like a maze with all of the curving streets and alleyway shops. Belfast … Read more

Ailey 2 blog photos

Ailey 2: Cheers UK by Colin

  Photos by Colin Heyward 1 – Truro Cathedral 2 – Jackie trying on Louboutins 3 – Swan by the canal 4 – Belfast Grand Opera House 5 – Outside the Salford Lowry 6 – Beautiful sunset in Salford Hello … Read more

The Trocks: Brighton, Big Toe and Milton Keynes by Davide

I am absolutely in love with Brighton. We got there after a short bus ride and I immediately smelled the ocean air. I love to be by the sea. I was born in Cagliari, the capital of the island of … Read more