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ailey 2 photos

Ailey 2: Performance Prep, by Fana

Photos: 1- Photo by Elizabeth Washington. Backstage before Splendid Isolation II. 2- Photo by me. Out shopping in Scotland. 3- Photo by me. The ladies fixing their hair and make-up. We arrived in Glasgow, Scotland on Saturday and had a … Read more

Ailey 2 photo

Ailey 2: How Did I Get Here? by Fana

Sometimes I wake up in my hotel room in the middle of the night and wonder if it’s all a dream—the rare locations, the lights, and the crowds pleading for encores. Am I really a professional dancer? Indeed, I remind … Read more

photos by Collin Heyward

Ailey 2: Third Stop: Nottingham, by Colin

Photos: All taken by Collin Heyward Photo 1 – The gigantic Ferris wheel in Nottingham. Photo 2 – Fana and Major getting excited to ride the Ferris wheel. Photo 3 – A cool orb outiside theater. Photo 4 – View … Read more

The Trocks: Here’s to 2011! by Robert Carter

I’ve never been one to normally participate in this kind of thing because I’ve always thought the thoughts and observations of others are sometimes more interesting to me than my own, though most will say this is far from the … Read more

AAADT in Alvin Ailey's Revelations. Photo by Paul Kolnik

Alvin Ailey ADT: UK you will be dearly missed, By Constance Stamatiou

By Constance Stamatiou UK you will be dearly missed, but until next time. We ended our UK tour in Newcastle, which I’ve been to and is known for their yummy sticky toffee pudding and their brown ales. Also, the city … Read more

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Ailey 2: It’s been a pleasure, by Colin

By Daniel Harder It’s been a pleasure traveling across the UK.  The people, the culture, the sights, the energy have been different in every city, but exciting nonetheless.  I would love to have the chance to come back and venture … Read more

Harper's Bazaar photo

Alvin Ailey ADT: Cardiff, Plymouth and The White House, By Constance Stamatiou

By Constance Stamatiou Hello Consortium, It is my last night in Cardiff before heading to Bradford and I have to say, Cardiff was lovely. We had great weather, great audiences and did I mention the shopping? 🙂 Plymouth’s weather was … Read more

Alvin Ailey ADT: Live Theater: Got To Love It, By Daniel Harder

By Daniel Harder As if the love and excitement that London offered wasn’t enough, the Company traveled to Nottingham and Birmingham this past week and was showered with tons of warmth, affection, and joy. Performing in both cities was a … Read more

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Alvin Ailey ADT: Goodbye London and hello Nottingham! By Constance Stamatiou

  By Constance Stamatiou  We have officially one city down on our UK tour. Let me say, London, you were on fire and thank you, because the beginning of a tour is always harder than the rest. Your applause motivated … Read more

Constance Stamatiou

Alvin Ailey ADT: Hello London! By Constance Stamatiou

By Constance Stamatiou We have finally arrived, although still a little jet lagged. The audience has definitely awoken us. Tuesday was our opening performance. For those who weren’t able to make it out, we performed Suite Otis, The Hunt, Dancing … Read more