The Trocks: Afternoon Tea and Agatha Christie, by Raffaele

Kings Theatre

Trocks are back in the UK and have started performing last night in Glasgow at the King’s Theater: a new venue for us, the same great audience.

It is  great to have people laughing since the very beginning of the show during our pre-show announcement and then through Swan Lake and the rest of the evening. After a long day in the theater is rewarding to have people in the audience that  you know are enjoying your show: yesterday I felt exactly this. I felt that the audience was having a wonderful time and it made me very happy.

It is always good to be back in the Uk: I feel very welcome here.  I like to be here and I like to perform here. We have another show tonight in Glasgow, then we are off to London: we’ll perform in Wimbledon next Friday and Saturday.

We have had two days off in Glasgow before our opening night; it is not the first time I am visiting this city  but this time I have had more time to walk around and finally see some of its most interesting points: Glasgow school of Art, Sauchiehall Street and Buchanan Street of course, but also the west end more bohemian and full of life, the university and the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

I was also happy to have the chance during my first day off  to meet an old school mate from Italy.  He has been living in Glasgow for about 7 years now, so he was the perfect guide. Combining a stroll down memory lane with a stroll through the park and the city really helped me to enjoy even more my first day here.

I love the British tradition of Afternoon Tea. When I went to the Glasgow School of Art during my second day off I learnt, among other things that Mackintosh was also the designer of the Willow Tea Rooms: I took the opportunity and went to enjoy a nice cup of tea (and sandwiches, and cakes, and scones….) in a wonderful setting.
I think we are up to a very good beginning of yet another wonderful tour in the Uk, also thanks to the wonderful people working for us: Heather Knight and the Dance Consortium  that, as always, have organized a great tour in the UK.

I am now getting ready to go to the theater for our second show. Today is a little bit sunnier so I think I will go out a little and maybe go to a book store: I am a big fan of Agatha Christie and there are certain books that I can find only here in the UK: I cannot miss this opportunity to find some real gems for my collection of her books during this tour

Then, straight to the theater, for another wonderful day at the ballet!

Raffaele Morra (Lariska Dumbchenko)

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