The Trocks: Art and Champagne by Alberto

Photos of Alberto

Photos of Alberto

Hi dear readers, here I am again! Two weeks fulls of events has passed by since the last time I wrote on the blog.

In tour the time passes by slowly and every day is pretty much the same. I mean working days seem to look like each others. Of course when we have a day-off in a new city is a complete different story. We go out and visit around if we are not too tired from the day before. Anyhow I never spend a whole day in my hotel room…that would drive me crazy! I always try to do something different to avoid this feeling.

In Birmingham for example I visited the Art Gallery and I loved it! I felt lucky when I discovered that the museum housed the art work of one among my favorite artists…Edward Burne Jones. When I was at the college in Italy I was very good in History of Art, and I would know all about his paintings and the pre-raphaelites. I was about to choose to study cultural heritage at the university. But then my plans have changed, and I attended the Ballet Academy of Montecarlo to follow my dream of becoming a dancer.

The performances went all pretty well until now, and the audiences has been wonderful everywhere we went! Specially at the last venue, in Birmingham, I was surprised to see the theatre packed even for the matinée performance. The double show day was pretty tough. On my way back to the hotel I was so tired that I could hardly walk!!! I think that if I went twice through Swan Lake in the same day ( and especially the Little Swan part, which is a killer) I can do pretty much everything! 🙂

In Birmingham I had some nice enjoyable time. One night I went out with my collegues at the Village Inn, and as soon as we walked in the bar the waitress recognized us and welcomed us in the club with a bottle of Champagne!! It was a really nice way to begin the night! How lovely from them!! I love how the Trocks are known in the gay society and everyone treats us with great respect. I had a really good time at the Village, and I watched an hilarious drag show, hosted by two fierce drag queens. It was a lot of fun!!

Now there are two weeks left, and I start looking forward to be back in New York. There is always a “turning point” on the tour…after the half of it the time will pass so fast that I would not even realize it passed! So I am going to enjoy every moment of it, and I am already looking forward for the next show!


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