Batsheva Ensemble: Halfway through, Shane Scopatz

Wow, we are half way done with the tour. We are certainly in a groove by now. We perform. We explore. We Enjoy.

Our show is continuing to grow. The more we perform the more room we find to play within the work. This is exciting. Stumbling upon or actively searching for new things to inspire us in Deca Dance strengthens our relationship between us and the piece itself. We enjoy this research.

We had a great time in Brighton. We ate really well while we were there. Delicious Vietnamese, Spanish, Organic and pub food. Sunday Roast!

We also enjoyed the vintage shopping. Hip clothing purchases were made in abundance. It was great to be in a place with such an active nightlife. On our last night there a group of us went to a bar under the train station called the Green Door Store and had an amazing time listening and dancing to live Blues music.

In addition to the metropolitan life Brighton has to offer, some of us found our way outside the city and took a walk at Seven Sisters. Those who went were awe struck by the beauty.

Now that we’ve been on tour for a couple of weeks some of us our starting to miss home. But we are far from ready to go back. Everyone is looking forward to London and our performances at Sadler’s Wells. For many of us it will be our first time in the city!
We can’t wait…

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Tour(s): Batsheva Ensemble 2012

Venue(s): Alhambra Theatre Bradford, Brighton Dome