Batsheva Ensemble: Reflections, Shane Scopatz

We’re home!

Our last two stops on the tour, London and Plymouth, were stimulating and refreshing. We all had fun in London. The city charmed us. We shopped in Camden, ate well in Brick Lane, enjoyed the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and we’re overwhelmed by the remarkable beauty and curating of the Tate Modern. Many of us had friends and/or family in London. Spending time with them and sharing what we’ve been working on was special.

Our performances at Sadler’s Wells were a gem of the tour. It was humbling to perform in the theater of such a prolific dance presenter. Our time on that stage is unforgettable.

Our last stop was in picturesque Plymouth. The shows went well. It was a great place for us to find a calmness and enjoy our last days in the UK.

Now that we’re back, our routine is back to normal. We are working hard rehearsing two new pieces and of course performing all around Israel. In the studio we talk about the tour often. It changed the group. Brought us closer. Traveling and seeing new things is invigorating and has given many of us a fresh perspective on Tel Aviv.

We learned a lot in the UK. We had fun in the UK. We won’t forget our time in the UK.

It was an unparalleled gift to have this opportunity. Dance and art in general is made to be shared. Thank you to all those involved that made it possible for us to have this experience and thought that our work was worth sharing. We are filled with gratitude We’re overflowing.

Until next time…

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Tour(s): Batsheva Ensemble 2012

Venue(s): Sadler’s Wells London, Theatre Royal Plymouth