Batsheva Ensemble: The first leg of the tour, Shane Scopatz

We are now in Bradford, our third stop on the tour. So far, our stay in the UK has been saturated with stimulating and rich experiences. The theaters we’ve performed in have been inspiring. Our time on stage has been exciting as well as unique. The performances are something everyone involved is learning from.In our time off, we stay busy:

We’ve enjoyed the Leeds International Film Festival, hiking in The Lake District at Windermere, a paper sculpture exhibit at the Manchester Art Gallery, and much more. Of course we’ve found good shopping and delicious food. Coffee and Scones!

We are so excited to be together traveling, performing, and building stronger bonds between us. Our good fortune is humbling and we are looking forward to what more the UK has in store for us.

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Tour(s): Batsheva Ensemble 2012

Venue(s): Alhambra Theatre Bradford, Festival Theatre Edinburgh, The Lowry Salford Quays