Ailey 2: Beautiful city overlooking the sea by Fana

photos from Ailey 2 tour

Photos by Fana:
1. The beautiful Pavilion Theater
2. The Royal Bath Hotel
3. Seaside at sunset
4. Fun times at the hotel

Another beautiful city overlooking the sea! We stayed at the Royal Bath Hotel, which is grand enough to make you feel like royalty. A lot of our time off was spent in the main bar/reception area since that’s where the best internet connection was. It’s funny how much we rely on technology to stay connected with family and friends back in the states. It makes me wonder how people kept in touch while touring back in the pre-Skype days.

I also took some time to shop, go to a movie, and get my first real swimming lesson from Lizzy. (It’s harder than it looks.)

At this point in the tour, our directors switched some of the casts around. When you perform the same roles in the same pieces for too long, no matter how much you love them, they can begin to feel stale. Switching things up keeps us motivated and working hard on different things. It’s also interesting to see how different people interpret their roles.

In Bournemouth we passed the hump of our tour, which means “its all downhill from here.” I never really understood that expression. Sure, downhill takes less physical effort but I think mentally its way more work—knowing when to brake, when to release, being conscious all the time because you know if you just let go, you can end up crashing. Now is the point where fatigue is always instigating a fight between your mind and your body and you have to learn how to hide that from the audience.

I like to come into class early and figure out where the aches and pains are each day and use class to work them out. Mr. Powell is great at making sure we work on everything we need for the show in class beforehand. He always reminds us to play with the music and perform the combinations during class. I’m also discovering how helpful it is to re-warm-up just before a performance and during intermissions (after touching up the hair and makeup of course).

All caretaking aside, we’ve managed to have wonderful shows here! I look forward to the last few stops.


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