Birmingham… and a baby!

This weeks Dancer Diary comes to you direct from Birmingham and Mikaël. We had a fantastic week at the Birmingham Hippodrome, with wonderful audiences. Thanks to everyone who came to see us. We’re now in Edinburgh at the Festival Theatre.

Check out our week in Birmingham!



Chinese pole, Juggling, German Wheel, Banquine and Teeterboard

Mikaël is a multi talented young artist, known for his dynamic and enthusiastic style. He specializes in Chinese pole duets. Originally from Québec, Mikaël has always been interested in the performing arts; once he discovered circus, he knew he had found his

calling! He attended the National Circus School in Montréal, where he met his performance partner Maude Arseneault. Together, Mikaël and Maude specialize in Chinese pole duets and are known for their creativity in that discipline. At the National Circus School, Mikaël also studied Cyr wheel, wall trampoline and other acrobatic disciplines. Mikaël studied acting as a child, so he feels at home on the stage!

Mikaël is known for his extravagant and energetic style, which helps him pursue new challenges. During the summer of 2010, Mikaël and Maude toured the United States with Haut Vol Productions; this experience allowed them to grow as performers, and Mikaël now looks forward to bringing his contagious enthusiasm to Cirkopolis.

“Birmingham, birth place of Ozzy Osbourne

The U.K tour has yet made me extremely happy and and I’m enjoying being entertained by the culture, which I feel like is very ‘me!’

But what a start to our arrival in Birmingham! The whole cast of Cirkopolis, went to see a rock music show. The band are from Boston (USA) which hosts the nemesis team of our treasured hockey team (boo!). That aside however, they do play amazing music. The Dropkick Murphy’s delivered a hell of a show! It was even a bit too loud at times! Seeing how the audience reacted to them made us rearing to go and pumped up to perform Cirkopolis at the Birmingham Hippodrome!

Before starting the shows most of the cast went to visit our wonderful friends from the original cast, Samuel and Myriam. Sam is original from the UK and his family live near to Birmingham, in Leicester. It was really exciting to see Myriam’s belly! We had an amazing stay, and two days later, the same day as the Birmingham premiere, Myriam delivered their first baby! All at home and completely naturally. It did set an amazing mood for the rest of the week. The Birmingham audience was on fire and they gave us a lot, so we performed the show with great energy and passion! We are now ready to set sail (by bus), to Edinburgh! We hope to see you there!

Mucha Gracias, much love.

Mikaël Thunder Bruyère-L’Abbé”

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Venue(s): Alhambra Theatre Bradford, Birmingham Hippodrome, Festival Theatre Edinburgh, Marlowe Theatre Canterbury, Mayflower Theatre Southampton, The Peacock London, Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff