Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Birmingham Hippodrome, by Aline

Birmingham Hippodrome

Birmingham Hippodrome | Around the Mailbox | The Bullring

By Aline Machado

On May 13th we went to Birmingham. As soon as we arrived in the hotel, we had a surprise: it was a really apartment, with a kitchen, a large room, a bedroom and a bathroom separated by doors in a little passage. It would be great to cook something and use the microwave to make the food hotter when necessary. We went briefly to our ballet class and rehearsal on the Birmingham Royal Ballet Studio. That’s a beautiful and modern Studio inside the Hippodrome Birmingham complex and I’ve got impressed with its structure. The man in reception said that were three dance companies rehearsing in the building. That’s an interesting opportunity to observe and interact with other dancers. We had ballet class with teacher … and it was amazing!

After an amazing ballet class with a dancer of the Birmingham Royal Ballet  and the rehearsal I and some friends wanted to watch a performance in “ Ikon”, but after asking to people the way to reach there, when we arrived we noticed that was the wrong place… There was another “Ikon” building far away from there and we wouldn’t have enough time to go to the performance. What a shame!  So we decided to come back and enjoy the beautiful place we’d walked through. We were in the Mailbox, a shopping centre with many restaurants outside, around a lake. It had a fantastic view and was a lovely place to enjoy with friends. But I was very tired and needed to rest earlier… It was really cold in the streets and I felt I would get a cold.

Fortunately, on May 14th I woke up better and ready to our premiere. I went to a walk around and found out two big markets and still a free market near the “hotel”. One is the Indoor Market and the other is called St Paul’s Market. Both are very interesting with a high diversity of products. They had tents of different kinds of food (from butcher’s to sweet shops), clothes, shoes, stationer’s and souvenir shop products, picture frames, Indian products and much more… Outside them, there was a big free market in front of St. Paul’s Church.

At night we had our Birmingham premiere and it was really great! And it was even better because of Debinha’s arrive (that’s how me all the dancers call our director and choreographer Deborah Colker). She came in the middle of the first act and after the performance participated of the answer and question with us. To tell you the truth, she answered almost all the questions because people in the audience asked directly to her, lol. The day ended with a delicious dinner offered to us in the Stage Side Restaurant, (that was exactly located as its name says, lol).

On May 15th it was my last chance to enjoy the city. I’d like to stay more, I was sure there would be many interesting things to do … So I went to the Bullring, the shopping centre complex. Around the shopping, the markets and the St. Paul’s Church it was really crowded of people! And it was also probably because of the dance performances that were happen on a stage set up side by side the church and the Bullring. It was part of Birmingham Dance Festival events. I had a look around everything and wished to come back to Birmingham in a next time. Our performance was pretty good again and the audience confirmed that! Bye Birmingham, I had a great time here!

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