The Trocks: Birthday treats by Davide

Photo of Brock, Davide and Iliana

Photo of Brock, Davide and Iliana

I turned 27 on April 2nd. Touring as much as we do it happens quite often to celebrate my birthday on the road. I don’t mind it all. Sometimes people ask me: “How do you feel when you have to celebrate away from your family?” . Well the point is, even though I don’t have my mom and dad with me on tour, the Trocks are my family after all. You can’t spend six years of your life sharing every moment, good and bad, with the same people and not call them family. And just like in a family we celebrate each other’s birthday every year, no exceptions. There is a cake (or a giant cookie in my case, depending on availability!) for everyone.

Only a couple of days before my birthday we got to Birmingham. I was happy to spend my two days off walking around the city which I found to be great. The streets are very crowded pretty much at any hour of the day, reminding me of my beloved NYC, and I got the impression that people really enjoyed shopping down there. I bought myself a nice blazer at the “no logo store” MUJI and I wore it for our post-show drink reception on opening night. I was very proud of this purchase cause it makes me look so grown-up I almost didn’t recognize myself when I looked in the mirror! 😛

On Saturday April 2nd, the day of my birthday, I premiered the role of one of the two leads in “Go for Barocco”. This couldn’t have happened on a more appropriate day! I am very emotionally attached to this role because it was always my dream to dance it since I joined the company. I was nervous as this was my first time in a lead role but at the same time I could not contain the excitement. Even more exciting was the fact that by then my beloved big toe stopped hurting, yay! All the guys watched me from the wings and were so supportive, it was one of the greatest days of my adult life. In “Go for Barocco” we homage George Balanchine, the founder of New York City Ballet, through a brilliant sharp choreography (by great Peter Anastos) to one of the most exquiste concertos by J.S. Bach. The type of feelings that dancing to such a wonderful musical score can give you is unbeliavable. I could never get tired of listening to that music even when I’m off stage.

After the two performances on Saturday, I went for a birthday dinner with some of the guys to an Indian restaurant where they lit up a candle for me on a Turkish Delight. I never knew this type of dessert actually tasted like roses! I loved it.

Now, after five weeks, we come back to Scotland where I am writing this blog. It is a very warm evening in Edinburgh, a city that doesn’t need introductions. On our bus ride from Bradford I rested my head on the window and again I took in all that green, all the mistery of those landscapes like I did when we arrived in Glasgow. Tomorrow I will walk around Edinburgh, I am excited cause I didn’t have as much time the last time I was here and I must purchase some cachemere!  Now I’ll call Iliana (our beautiful ballet mistress) and I’m going to wake up my roommate Giovanni (hihihi) so we can go have dinner.

I think this will be my last post for now and I wanted to thank everyone who came to our shows, I had such an amazing time over these past weeks, you guys are so supportive I always leave a piece of my heart in the UK.

Lots of love

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