Bringing the Circus to Bradford!

As Spring continues to rear it’s beautiful head we continue to tour across the UK with Cirque Éloize and their fantastic show, Cirkopolis. We just had a wonderful week in Bradford at the Alhambra Theatre and Jon, an artist in the show is here to tell you all about it!


Banquine, Teeterboard, Juggling and German Wheel

Jonathan Julien was born in Québec, Canada. He studied theatre and took his first circus steps at 19 years old. In 2008, he joined École de Cirque de Québec where he met 3 other acrobats who soon became his partners. During their training, they created the first act of what became known as Quatuor Stomp.

In 2010, another passion led him straight to the stage; the trampowall, he even performed on several televisions shows such as the Ellen DeGeneres Show (USA, 2010) and Das Supertalent (Germany, 2010). In 2012, his two passions come together in Cirque du Soleil’s The Kingdom of Tin in Québec City where he performed both the table act with Quatuor Stomp members and the trampowall act. He graduated the same year with a solid background and eager for new experiences.

Here we are, already mid-way through our UK tour. Bradford started pretty smoothly with 2 well deserved days off! We did a bit of walking around the city but mostly relaxing and finishing off our Harry Potter marathon we started in Southampton! Some of us, the ‘wild ones’, even headed out to the laser tag just around the corner for a bit of action. We finally began working at the Alhambra Theater on Wednesday and discovered an extremely beautiful theatre with a welcoming house team and, shortly after that discovered a very warm audience!

We had a great week in Bradford, 5 really good shows and we started to find a bit of stability with this version of the show and our 3 new members. We had a lot of training and fooling around that lead to putting new movements in the show. (See Charlotte and Nicolas practicing the new moves below!)

We were (once again) also really lucky with the weather that make us feel like spring is on it’s way! (Well like the one we normally have at home in Canada at least!)

So with all the fantastic food, we went out to a lot of Indian restaurants, and the nice park in front of the theatre we can really say that Bradford was a bright and refreshing part of our UK tour! It is easy to feel the spring breeze boosting up our body and mind so be ready for a blast of energetic shows coming up for the second half of the tour. Thanks for everything Bradford and now we’re heading down to Birmingham. See you there!


Thanks for keeping us updated Jonathan! Enjoy your time at Birmingham Hippodrome and we look forward to hearing about it! To get your tickets for our run at Birmingham Hippodrome click here.

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Tour(s): Cirque Éloize 2015

Venue(s): Alhambra Theatre Bradford, Birmingham Hippodrome, Festival Theatre Edinburgh, Marlowe Theatre Canterbury, Mayflower Theatre Southampton, The Peacock London, Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff