The Trocks: Bus Rides, by Robert Carter

Photos from the Bus by Robert Carter

Photos from the Bus by Robert Carter

So we’re drawing close to the end of another tour here in the UK and while it has been a successful run, despite a few ups and downs behind the scenes, I can say I’m ready to go home. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy coming to the UK a great deal, but sometimes, as I’ve said before, I get a hankering to sleep in my own bed and be surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds of my home environment. Admittedly the hotels have been comfortable and having maid service is great but even for someone seasoned to touring, the allure of living out of a suitcase can be a bit tiring after a while.

The weather has grown increasingly pleasant heralding the warmth that comes at this time of year. As we’re to be heading back up to Scotland where we started this tour I guess we’d be keen to enjoy the sunshine and the mild temperatures while we can. It seems that rain is frequent that far north at this time, and according to the weather reports, might continue a bit longer.

What I’ve enjoyed immensely on this tour have been the bus rides. Funny,huh? This is not normally the case in most instances, but the English and Scottish country sides are not to be matched in their beauty; deep hued greens so lush and rich with a charm so reminiscent of the history of the British Isles, of which I’ve always had a fondness.

The company will be returning in a couple years and I’ve no doubt will be received with much awaited anticipation. It may seem weird from a performer’s perspective but the audiences here never fail to deliver, making the work all the more a pleasure. I believe that a great deal of the success of the company, aside from other worldly destinations, has been in a large part due to the continual visits to the UK, including taking part in galas and other special occasions which are highly regarded. As for me, I intend to stick with it, whatever it takes, and will be seeing this great place again in a couple years time.

In closing, I would like to extend my personal gratitude to all who’ve made this tour, as usual, a memorable and pleasurable experience.

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