Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Cardiff Castle and Mother’s Day, by Aline

Cardiff Castle

Inside the castle | Cardiff Castle | I love you mom, Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 | Cardiff Castle

By Aline Machado

First of all I have to say that on May 9th was the Mother’s Day in Brazil. It’s always at the second Sunday of May. So here it is my reverence to all the mothers that are the principal characters of our lives, they gave us the world! Mom, I love you with all my heart and wherever I am I think off you and thank God for being your daughter. All the dancer’s moms please feel reverenced by me in the name of the company.

On May 9th we left not just Bradford, but England too. It took six hours by bus to reach at our new destiny. Although the trip wasn’t so brief, it passed quickly because of our comfortable bus. It had tables and armchairs around it, so we could enjoy the trip playing, chatting and interacting with each other, more than in the last trips. That’s the advantage of having tables with people around them, seated in front of each other. Instead of only sleeping, during this trip we watched videos, changed our photos, played cards and had fun. If we’ll take the same bus next times I think we’ll get bad used to this comfort! I had a surprise in the bus too… My boyfriend had given to Carol a letter written for him in Brazil, and asked her to give it to me at May 9th. That’s a special date for us, and once I’ve read, it caused me really emotion . I love you so much my dear! I’m always feeling you here near me.

The first thing I wanted to do in Cardiff was go to the Cardiff Castle. I needed to enjoy my second day off in this tour. I, Isaac and Nina decided to go together and it couldn’t have been better (check my happiness face on the photos please, lol) ! It was an unforgettable place to me, I really got impressed with the construction and the perfectionism of each detail. And when I found the Brazilian flag I had to gave it a kiss!

On May 10th I was tired because of the previous day… At least I could sleep a little more and rest for the rehearsal in the afternoon. It was a calm day and we prepared ourselves to the première onMay 11th. See you!

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