Ailey 2: Cheers UK by Colin


Ailey 2 blog photos

Photos by Colin Heyward
1 – Truro Cathedral
2 – Jackie trying on Louboutins
3 – Swan by the canal
4 – Belfast Grand Opera House
5 – Outside the Salford Lowry
6 – Beautiful sunset in Salford

Hello everyone. Our UK tour has ended and we’ve made it back to New York City safe and sound.  The last leg of the tour included Truro, Belfast, and  Salford.  Our visits to Truro and Belfast were quick ones, so I didn’t really get the chance to indulge myself in getting acquainted with the cities, but I enjoyed what I could.

In Truro, Fana and I got the chance to visit the town’s historical Truro Cathedral.  Construction on the cathedral began in 1880 and the architecture is Gothic influenced.  As night dawned, it was time to get ready for our performance at the Hall for Cornwall.  The theater seemed very modern and had the appearance of a movie theater inside. Our next stop was Belfast, Ireland.  We travelled over the pond via easyJet airlines.  The great thing about easyJet is that you get to choose your own seat when you board the plane.  I love to stare aimlessly out the window so I quickly jumped into the first empty row I saw and nudged my way in.  We performed at the Grand Opera House in Belfast, which opened in 1895.  Before our second show, Jackie and I demonstrated for Brittany’s master class, which really helped wake up my sore muscles.  Her calm energy during class was just what I needed to get me through the strenuous day.

The last and final stop was Salford, England.  Our hotel was just outside of the Manchester Ship Canal, which is home to many birds, including pigeons, seagulls, ducks, geese, and even swans. We had a day off and I went to nearby Manchester with Jackie and Fana.  We shopped a little and had dinner at this Louisiana-influenced restaurant.  The establishment played familiar American tunes and we lip synched to them while waiting for our food.  A lady with two daughters was sitting in our general vicinity, admiring our synching skills. She introduced herself to us and we invited her and her daughters to our show. We also got a chance to speak with them afterwards.

The most memorable thing about our visit to Salford was the audience. We performed at the beautiful Salford Lowry, which was filled both nights with enthusiastic viewers.  Even before the curtain went up for our opening piece, Shards, the audience was roaring in anticipation.  This continued for the rest of the program and the theater seemed to have erupted by the end of Revelations.  During our bows, I heard Solomon say, “We’re at the Grammys!”  This truly was an incredible experience for us and made me realize that I love what I do.

Thanks UK for such an amazing journey.  It was my first visit back since I lived there when I was a baby.  In all honesty, I wouldn’t mind living there again–I kind of fell in love!  It was a delight sharing my travel adventures with you all.  Hoped you enjoyed reading.  Cheers.

Until next time,
Collin =)

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