Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Nottingham, by Aline

Daniel's Birthday | Nottingham Castle | Nottingham Playhouse

Daniel’s Birthday | Nottingham Castle | Nottingham Playhouse

By Aline Machado

We went to Nottingham on May 27th in the morning. As soon as we arrived, like usually happens on Thursdays, lol, we went directly to work after leaving ours bags in the rooms. We had ballet class with teacher Martine Van Santem. Although many of us were tired, it was a good class and after we had the rehearsal. It was a little bit different from the last days. We learned new choreographic phrases from “Mix”, another performance of the company’s repertory that we’ve just begun to rehearsal. We’ll perform it in a few months. We also we did an improvisation exercise for next new performance of the Company, that’s already being choreographed. But I can’t tell you more than this yet…lol. It’s great to improvise and to watch our friends creating, we can easily see the best of each dancer and realize how rich of possibilities is the creative process of a new choreograph. We love to be stimulated to create new movements and we understand how our dance qualities may work better depending on the propose. The ideas were given we must develop them. It was a great work day!

On May 28th I went for a walk and got in love with the city! I intended to go to the Castle, but it would be better in my day off. To tell you the truth, I almost don’t have time during the mornings to visit many places. Depending on the time I wake up, I only have about three or four hours, what isn’t too much. We always work between seven or eight hours a day in the Company, with or without performances. That’s why sometimes I don’t have more things to tell you about the cities I’ve been. But I do my best trying enjoy, without forget the responsibility with my job, that always come first. Coming back to Nottingham, as I was telling you, on Friday May 28th I only decided where I would like to go in the next two days. At night we had a beautiful première at Nottingham Playhouse. After the answer and question we already had a special cocktail, more likely a dinner, in the restaurant outside the theatre, offered by Heather in the name of Dance Consortium to commemorate the end of the first step of our tour. It was outstanding and all the dishes were tasty. It was also a farewell to Nina, our translator, and Nick, a stage technician, who worked for the Company until now but, unfortunately, won’t follow us in the rest of this tour. I must say thank you to them both, for being so dedicated and lovely persons! Outside the Playhouse there’s also an incredible Anish Kapoor sculpture, and it’s one of the most fashion urban sceneries I’ve ever seen.

On May 29th I went with my friend Daiane to the Nottingham Contemporary, which I’ve heard about. There was a very interesting exhibition called “Uneven Geographies” with lots of interesting documentary videos and interviews about globalization, mainly about its dramatic consequences to the poorest countries in Africa. I would spent the day watching everything if I could, but instead of read all the texts and pay attention in every detail, my camera could caught them! Lol… Fortunately, it was allowed to take photographs inside the exhibition, what isn’t usual in the museums. So after I’ll study and translate without hurry every text and observe better the pictures. If you like to see reality, (and it doesn’t matter how shocking it can be), I do recommend you to watch this exhibition! Another great surprise for me was to find a Cildo Meireles’s work in the same exhibition. He’s a famous Brazilian plastic artist and Deborah was inspired by his work to make a choreograph to “4X4”. In its first scene, called “Corners”, we interact with six Cildo’s installations.

After our second performance, we prepared a party to commemorate Daniel’s birthday, that would be on the next day. It was in the Green Room of Nottingham Playhouse. Everyone danced and had fun, it was really a nice night. Congratulations to our dear Daniel!

On May 30th it was… my day off! I went to the Nottingham Castle as was planned before. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the Castle was full of families with children playing. What a magic place! Besides, that was an exhibition about the “behind the cameras” of Robin Hood film. How great was to see the costumes and scenes of the film in the place where the real Robin Hood lived! And even more than that, that was a performance happening in the field about the Robin Hood history, with lots of actors. Before it begin, they were around the field in tents, acting as they were in the Medieval time, just like Robin Hood. The artisanal jobs and activities of the day-by-day were showed with a lot of realism! I enjoyed that day as much as I could. I lived the Castle only when it was time to close. Nottingham is an amazing city and I really appreciated the time I spent there!

I must also say thank you so much, to all of you, readers of this blog. It’s been a great pleasure for me! Now I’m going to France, to perform in the Maison de la Danse, Lyon. After that I’ll come back to write to you about the continuation of the Deborah Colker Dance Company Tour 2010. I see you soon!!!

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