Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Edinburgh – the magic city, by Aline

Picture of Edinburgh

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The Principle Street | National Galleries of Scotland | On the stage with teacher Vincent

By Aline Machado

On May 20th we went to Edinburgh by bus and it took almost seven hours to reach there. Because of this long and tiring trip and also the lack of an available studio where we could have rehearsal, we didn’t work on that day. As soon as I arrived, I knew I wouldn’t stay resting in the hotel… The wonderful views I’d had on the bus were a strong temptation to go for a walk and enjoy whatever I could. Besides, something new happened… The hot weather made me feel in Brazil again, lol, and for the first time since I arrived in the UK, I worn a T- shirt and a skirt, without anything to cover my arms! It’s difficult to someone to go to Edinburgh and not to stay excited about its beauty. Every time I wanted to take photos and it’s hard to choose the best one… There were so many incredible views that I’ve got lost, my eyes couldn’t stop to look around and appreciate everything I’ve seen. I had lunch in a pub and tried a Scottish dish, with a lovely meat cake. There was a square around, with people laid dawn on the grass… That’s something I really appreciate in Europe. I tried this sensation and… it’s wonderful. At night I went to the Edinburgh Festival Theatre to use its Wi-Fi network. Our set was being assembled by the technicians. After I finished my Internet works, I was going out to the theatre with Heather, our producer in the UK, and she was going to have dinner. Unfortunately I’d already eaten, but I could enjoy her and just have a drink. The Ciao Roma was a really great Italian restaurant! I hope to come back there one day and appreciate a characteristic dish.

On May 21st I went to work, it was also a performance day. In the morning, I had an agreeable surprise: Jacqueline Mota (or Jackie, as we call her), our choreographer assistant, arrived to enjoy us in the tour! We all were missing her and now she and Karina will work together with us. In the other hand, that’s also our last day with Debinha, for a while, and we’ll be waiting her return. Our work began early. At 13:30 p.m. we were in the Dance Base, Studio One, that’s one of the most beautiful studios I’ve ever been, and all the company had a great surprise. The class with teacher Vincente Hantam was incredible. Sometimes I was appreciating so much his ballet technique that I almost forgot to pay attention on the exercise, lol… That was the kind of class when we didn’t feel time being spent, as much pleasant it was. Thank you teacher, I’ll be waiting to see you again in Glasgow! After the class we went directly to the Edinburgh Festival Theatre and had rehearsal with Debinha. She’s always improving choreography, so we’ve got used to have changes in it just before the performance. Some details are always changed and we must be always concentrated to realize exactly what she wants, so we’ll be prepared to do this soon in the performance. Our premiere was lovely! After, we had the answer and question and a cocktail in the theatre.

On May 22nd I went in the morning to the National Gallery of Scotland. There were many squares in the permanent exhibition, mainly from biblical or Scotland historic characters. That was also an exhibition called “Dance”, where we could see the work of different artists in different ways expressing the act of dance. It was very interesting, mainly because of the quality and variety of paintings. At night we had a great performance again and I have to thank for the Scottish audience. The Festival Theatre is fantastic, and I hope to come back there one day.

On May 23rd it was our day off! But at this time, instead of going out early the company, questioned for our producer, decided to stay in Edinburgh and only leave in the evening. It was a great decision, because we all wanted to enjoy the city a little more. After our check out I went for a walk around the hotel. I went to the Museum of Childhood, an amazing exhibition about the history of children’s plays and toys, and some different conceptions about the childhood. It was in the principal street, where I could see many different kinds of art. There was a guy performing with a glass ball, and it seemed to float on his body. There were three children performing a Scottish traditional dance, and their teacher told me they were from “Dunedin Dance Academy”. They were there to engage some money to go to a Dance Festival in Germany. People around were appreciating their work and I hope they would get all the money they needed… The hat on the floor was becoming full! There was also an interesting person I found… The most perced woman alive! She has more than 6 thousands of piercings around her body and face! I just wanted to take a photo with her when I found out she’s Brazilian. So we started to speak in Portuguese and she told me part of her history. She also had gone to watch our performance and said she liked it a lot!

I’d walked around for six hours and when I came back to the take the bus to Newcastle, I was really tired… I’d gone to the lovely Edinburgh Cathedral and stayed resting and praying there, thanking God for everything that’s happening in my life and for this successful tour! I haven’t gone to the Castle, but I decided that I’ll come back to Edinburgh during my week off in Europe. So I’ll have enough time to enjoy this incredible and magic city!

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