Mark Morris Dance Group: Halfway point, by Samuel

Samuel Black

We just passed the halfway point of our tour!

I’m sitting in the Bristol airport, waiting for our flight to Edinburgh to board.  This is our first and only flight of the tour (not including flying from and to New York), and it’s nice to not be sitting on a bus for a change.  We are working our way up to our longest bus ride of the tour, the eight-hour trek from Edinburgh to Cardiff.  I’m told the views will be stunning though, so hopefully that will ease the pain…

Our trip so far has been great.  The shows in Bradford, Northampton, London, and Plymouth all seemed to be well-attended and well-received.  Almost every new city we’ve arrived in has also entailed some casting change or another, as previously injured dancers are starting to heal and go back into their original parts.  I was replacing several injured dancers at the beginning of the tour, and now it’s looking like my understudying duties will be relocated to the wings.  It was a great experience going into so many pieces for the first time, but I’m not disappointed to be going back to my original duties.

I’ve been trying to balance sightseeing and resting when we’re not at the theater.  In Bradford, a few of us took a day trip to nearby Keighley, to visit the house that the Bronte Sisters grew up in.  It was a quaint, beautiful town on the top of the hill, and the tour of the house was great.  I highly recommend to any Keighley locals (as if you need my suggestion) the tea and cake shop called No. 10.  Delicious, cozy, and a perfect place to spend a few hours.

In London, I saw the Morphoses Company and The 39 Steps, and got my pop culture fix by going to see the new Michael Jackson movie in Leicester Square on Halloween.  I took a beautiful walk through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park to see the fall foliage, and had some great food at The Well and The Fish Shop.  These past few days in Plymouth have been lots of fun, exploring the faded seaside glamour of the Barbican district (the Mayflower steps, and some of the best Indian food I’ve ever had), and touring the Plymouth Gin distillery (where I got a head start on some holiday shopping…for friends and for myself.)

I’m excited to see Edinburgh (I’ve never been), and to celebrate the slew of company birthdays coming up.  I think finishing up our tour in Aldeburgh will be the perfect end to an already great tour, and I’ve been looking forward to the reputedly best-ever fish n’ chips there since we left New York.

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