The Trocks: I love this place by Robert Carter

Trocks in Brighton

Trocks in Brighton

Here we are again in the United Kingdom. Let me start by saying I love this place! The lack of a language barrier is a plus but from a performer’s standpoint, one can become quite spoiled by the audiences to be had here. Though we’re still in the early part of the tour so far, things have gotten off to a great start.

We started in the north where we’ll wind things up after the six weeks of this tour has passed. From the first shows in Glasgow, Scotland I’ve observed that the audiences are even more boisterous than I remember, which is always better in my opinion. As Barry Manilow said about performing for British audiences, “It’s not just doing a show, it’s a party.”

The big highlight so far for me has been performing in the charming seaside town of Brighton. If memory serves me correctly the last visit we had, the weather wasn’t so nice. But this time Mother Nature was kind enough to raise the temperatures and keep the rain away making sightseeing and walking around an enjoyable experience. I have two long time fans who own a flat in Brighton with whom I met up for a nice lunch date in a restaurant with views of the seaside and the famous Brighton Pier. They intimated to me that I might not care for the boardwalk during the high season because of the heavy flow of tourists, foreign and local. I then told them that living in a place like New York City that I could. It truly is a city that never sleeps, no matter what season it happens to be. One just learns the areas to avoid to deal with the crush.

We have sixteen more shows to go and though not much is certain, I am certain that our audiences will thoroughly enjoy themselves. One the other side of that, I will enjoy performing for them.

I’m often questioned about the difficulty in performing a lot and about how much hard work it must be. I often let the questioner know that when you love doing something it ceases to be viewed as work. That’s how I feel about working for this company. Yes, the travel can be extremely trying at times and the locations often less than ideal, but the reward is sharing your art and lifting someone’s spirit, even if for that short moment.

Robert Carter

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