Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: I’ll miss Glasgow, by Aline

Love is in the air | Brazil in World Cup

Love is in the air | Brazil in World Cup

By Aline Machado

My week off in Glasgow was like a dream. It began when I reached at Glasgow airport, because that was someone waiting for me there: my boyfriend Fabricio, who had just come from Brazil. We would spend our brief vacation together. That’s why I was so anxious to reach at Glasgow.

On June 11th once I saw him at the airport, I stated to run in his direction, pushing the bags with all my strength and when I finally held him in my arms I heard the strong noise of the bags falling. Nothing mattered to me at that moment, and after kisses and hugs I noticed that all the people around was looking at us… Of course, a so vigorous meeting should be noticed, lol.

The time we spent together, until June 18th, went by so quickly because was too good to be true. Glasgow is full of interesting things to do that it was hard to choose were to go first. We’ve got impressed with the three large shopping streets at the city centre: the Sauchiehall, the Buchanan and the Argyle Streets. We went to a restaurant where we met a Brazilian girl who told us about the Boteco do Brazil, the only Brazilian place in Glasgow. At the following day we went to watch the first Brazil’s soccer play in the World Cup. It was really great, and all the members of the company who stayed in Glasgow for the week off went too. We commemorated the goals enthusiastically and danced the Brazilian songs. Furthermore, Brazil won the North Korea by 2X1. I could also enjoy a deal with rice and beans, the most popular deal in my country, that I’ve been missing a lot, lol.

We went to a city tour on the City Sight Seeing bus and could have a look in the most beautiful places in the city. There are lots of historic buildings and a variety of architecture styles together, and sometimes, close to each other.  The best thing was that we could take this bus for two days, so we could get out it in our predilect places, like the People’s Palace and the Kelvingrove Museum and Art Gallery. The bus passed each twenty minutes, so we could take again when we wanted in the bus stop. We felt in love with Glasgow Cathedral, it’s one of the most incredible I’ve ever seen. There were also side by side with it the St. Mungo Museum and Art Galley, with a great exhibition about religion, in its most different ways. If you go to Glasgow, you can’t miss this.

On Wednesday we and our friends Daiane, José, Carol and her mother Tarsilia went to spend the day in Edinburgh. Unfortunately we wouldn’t have enough time to enjoy all the city, but we knew that the first place to go was the Castle, the biggest one there. After an agreeable trip by train we went walking in the direction of the Castle and couldn’t avoid to stop every time: that were many amazing views around and we took lots of photos during the way. And inside the Castle it couldn’t be different. In a moment my boyfriend called me to make the biggest surprise: he asked me to engage him and offered two engaging rings! Of course I said yes… It was an unforgettable moment and I’m sure that’s only one of the very happy ones we’ll have together. I love you Fa!

There were three followed birthdays in that week: on June 17th, the Isaac’s, on June 18th the Dielson’s and on June 19th the Gledson’s one. Congratulations to them all! We went to Friday’s to commemorate the first birthday, in the second one we bought a cake to Dielson and in the third people went to commemorate in a pub.

In the end of the week happened the departure of my love and the coming back to work. We went to the Scottish Ballet building and got impressed about all its structure. That was even an amazing garden where we could rest during the break, besides all the studios and changing rooms were great. We also had a great time there because of the teacher Vincent’s classes, that had already been with us in Edinburgh. What a pleasure was to work with him again!

On Sunday June 20th we went again to “Boteco do Brasil” and watched the match against the Ivory Coast. It was very funny, because at this time all the members of the company were together, including our producer Gledson and our executive director João Elias, that had come from Brazil. It was also great because Brazil won again!

We only had performances in Glasgow on June 22nd and 23rd. Both days were great, but we had a beautiful audience in the première. They gave us an ovation and participated with enthusiasm of the answer and question. I believe it was probably the most interesting one until now, because of the variety and creativity of the questions. Also because Deborah was again with us. It was outstanding to dance in Theatre Royal, and I’ll miss Glasgow!

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