The Trocks: Laundry by Raffaele

With my friend Federico
Brighton’s Royal Pavillion
Iliana, Giovanni, Britton and Davide on the train to Wimbledon

When I first wrote we were at the very beginning of the tour: now we are  almost half way through: and it has been fantastic!
The shows have been going very well and I am not having any physical problems, Knock on wood!!
The only thing I have to do now is to find a good laundromat to do some washing: half way through the tour I feel I need to refresh a little bit: my mind, my spirit and my clothes, so that I am ready for the second half of this tour.
The Trocks are getting ready for Birmingham.
At the moment I am starting this entry I am still in High Wycombe, after our second show waiting for adrenaline to calm down and looking forward to a nice night rest…It is already 12:23am and in just a couple of hours we will…loose one hour.
I am not very happy about that, but knowing that we will have longer days from now on makes me feel better.

During the past few weeks I have had many happy moments.
While the Trocks were in Nottingham I had the opportunity to meet my cousin.
She lives there and I don’t get to see her too often.
We grew up together: we are the same age, and when we were kid we really saw each other quite often… but since I moved to NYC eleven years ago and she moved to Nottingham we almost don’t get any opportunity to meet.
She came to see our show and she really enjoyed it and I had a wonderful time with her.

When we were performing in Wimbledon we were staying in a hotel in London.
It was fun to go all together to Wimbledon via Tube or via overground Train, it was nice to walk around the familiar street of London and it has been great to meet my friend Federico Bonelli, principal dancer of the Royal Ballet.
We went to ballet school together in Italy and for a couple of years we shared an apartment: we were very young at the time and every time we meet we have a lot of fun remembering all the “terrible” things we did to each other, like drinking from the other’s bottle of coca cola and refilling it with tap water thinking that the other would not realize…silly episodes from our past that always make us laugh.
We both travel a lot nowadays so it is not easy to see each other, but we have been also very lucky: we even met once in Tokyo: it is always strange and very interesting to see your friends in different cities! The different surroundings give you the opportunity to know them more! For me it is one of the pluses of traveling so much.

So far we have been to Glasgow, Wimbledon,Brighton, Nottingham, Milton Keynes  and now High Wycombe..all of them are lovely places, but for me the one that takes the prize is Brighton. I love this place!
Last time we were there a couple of years ago I went to visit the Royal Pavilion.
This time I enjoyed our time off there just wandering around the center of the city, by the boardwalk overlooking the Pier, in the little park behind the Royal Pavilion.
While there I could not resist and I had to take a few picture of this wonderful building, specially during the night when with the special lighting and the help of a full moon it felt like being in an exotic fairy tale!

So,now off to Birmigham.
We will have a couple of days off there and I intend to enjoy every minute, just like I have done so far…. but only after I have done some laundry!


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