Ailey 2: Me Time, by Colin

Photos by Collin Heyward

Photos by Collin Heyward

Hello again.  The next destination on our itinerary is Bournemouth, England.  Like Brighton, Bournemouth has a gorgeous beach that overlooks the English Channel.  I found time to take a long stroll on the beach to reflect on life.  I find it very therapeutic, discovering a state of calm in the midst of nature, and the beach served as the perfect venue.  With my Ipod playing in my ears, I took numerous photos of the beautiful sunset. The scene was quite breathtaking.  The company is staying at the Royal Bath Hotel.  It’s the very first hotel established in Bournemouth, dating all the way back to 1838.  It’s astonishing to be able to stay in such a historic edifice, but at the same time it was a little spooky as well.  A lot of us slept with one light on and one eye open!

Whenever we’re on tour, I try to commit a portion of my free time to personal fitness.  The gym is another place where I feel as though I can escape “reality” for a while and be in a serene state of mind.  I think it’s important to maintain strength and endurance when not dancing because it helps me get through a lot of the twenty to thirty minute pieces in the repertoire.  The hotel provides a great facility that I utilized on my downtime before our performance.

We presented Program B at the Bournemouth Pavilion for two consecutive nights, which included our Associate Artistic Director Troy Powell’s The External Knot. The piece was well-received as it opened both performances.

We graciously had a day off after our run in Bournemouth. Of course, I had to shop.  I made some great purchases at the local Top Shop and also went to a nearby laundromat to wash clothes.  We’re getting over the “hump” of this tour and Bournemouth made it a very smooth transition.

Until next time,
Collin =)

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