Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: My Travel Partner, by Aline

After the big hug around Heather | His Majesty's Theatre | The beautiful garden

After the big hug around Heather | His Majesty’s Theatre | The beautiful garden

By Aline Machado

On Thursday June 24th we went from Glasgow to Aberdeen by bus. I’ve never liked to travel by bus so much as I liked in our trips around Scotland. On the road, the beauty of nature and the animals have stronger colors there for me. And I appreciated it so that these trips went by quickly, I wanted to stay more on the bus, lol…

We made the check in at Thistle Hotel and after a brief time to rest we went to His Majesty’s Theatre. We had a productive rehearsal with Deborah, Jackie and Karina, and after this we were really tired, what is, of course, part of our job. I think me and all the company learned a lot in this tour about how to deal with it. Sometimes it’s like a game with our bodies: when we use too much strength and waste unnecessary energy we lose control and the game is over, the body wins. We must use both body and mind energy together to improve our resistance and get stronger than the tiredness. But it isn’t too easy to practice this little secret… Generally we need a long time as professional dancers to catch it.

On June 25th was our première in Aberdeen and it was amazing! I liked specially the answer and question again, people in audience participated a lot. Congratulations to the Scottish! To tell you the truth, I wasn’t feeling well in this day, that’s why I didn’t even went away from the hotel in the morning. I’d seen a beautiful garden in the way of the theatre and planned to come back to have a look on it in the following day.

On June 26th I went for a walk only around the hotel (because I woke up a little bit later than I intended to), and noticed how beautiful Aberdeen is. The mainly street seemed to be full of interesting things to do. I knew from my friends that was a beach not so far and imagined I was there…lol. I went to work and the second performance was great again. Coming back to the hotel I could stay for a while in the garden and feel the peace it made me feel.

It was time to pack up the bags again, but now, for the last time. (Or better, the last time before come back definitely to Brazil). I couldn’t believe it was the last day in Scotland and in the UK Tour. Two months ago we were leaving Brazil with expectations and wishes about this and now, the work is done. We’re going to London and I really expect “Cruel” will be so successful in Barbican Theatre as it has been along all this way. For me it was an unforgettable experience to travel around the UK as an artist and as a person. That’s the longer tour the company has ever done, because we also went to “Maison de la Danse” in Lyon (in the middle of the tour) and we’re going to stay a week in London.

On June 27th we had a special farewell moment. Deborah asked for claps and a big hug from all the company around Heather Knight. It was really outstanding to work with her and I must say thank you in the name of the dancers and all members of the company. We’re completely satisfied and glad for her dedication and professionalism, which made this a successful tour. We expect to work with her lots of times, it will be a great pleasure!

I’m almost already missing this diary… It has been my travel partner, the way I deal with the loneliness… The way I put my memories in words and my remembers of the past looking forward to the future. Thanks for everyone who read it and even if you didn’t post your comments here… I hope you could follow the company and have enjoyed it! We’re going to London and I’ll tell you about it too. It’s hard to say goodbye… I won’t miss the opportunity to write to you again, for the last time.

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