The Trocks: Saffron cake and champagne ice cream by Raffaele


At a rest stop on the way to Edinburgh
I heart UK
The Balmoral Hotel

…And here we are, almost at the end of another  tour.
We are now on the bus going to Edinburgh; a sunny spring day accompanies us from England to Scotland.
This has been a long tour, and as you might have read in my friends’ blogs, it has been difficult and filled with unforeseen occurences.
A few injuries: some toe problems, some back problems, some knee problems..
Many times I have been asked how do we deal with pain in our profession. My answer would be: you keep dancing as long as you can, even with pain and when it is becoming unbearable and you cannot hide it to the audience then you stop. In the meantime of course you do everything in your power to help the problem getting worse: acupuncture, massages, therapies…and then when you really have no other option, you stop dancing.
But my answer is not always plausible: sometimes you have to stop dancing right away, and unfortunately leave the pleasure of performing to the other dancers and you get to enjoy the show from the audience. It does not happen too often that we can watch our show, so it is quite interesting because we get the opportunity to see many details of which we might be unaware and it becomes a great way to improve our own future performances.
Luckily it has been a long time since I have had this opportunity: I have been quite healthy and I have had the opportunity to dance a lot.
During this tour I have even danced new roles for me! After ten years in this company I have already danced many leading roles in the repertoire (Odette, Raymonda, Dying Swan), but in this tour I have had the chance to dance one of the leads in GO FOR BAROCCO, our Balanchine’s style inspired ballet.
It has been a wonderful tour for me, even with all the problems that touring can bring: difficulties in finding food after the show,long bus trips to go from one place to another (like now), being away from home for a long time having to deal with the everyday problems from far away.
Those are all problems I have learnt to deal with, and I know how I can really enjoy every moment.
Now for example I will stop my writing, close my laptop and enjoy the wonderful views of the British countryside form the bus window.

I am now in Edinburgh, in my hotel room.
Today we don’t have performance, it is our last day off of the tour and I have taken advantage of it: first thing in the morning I had a nice massage in the hotel SPA.
And since I am a big fan of Afternoon Tea (as you might already know), this afternoon I went to the Balmoral Hotel, where tea is served at its best and it has been a unforgettable experience: of course the setting was beautiful and the scones were great, but the saffron cake and the champagne ice cream take the wonderful!
This tour is not over yet. At the moment I am writing we have four more shows to go: two here in Edinburgh  and two in Salford and hopefully everything will continue to go smoothly and I will finish this tour with no problem.

Thank you UK! Thank you to wonderful audiences, to all the people that have worked for us; thank you to Dance Consortium for making it happen!
I hope I will be back soon!


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