Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Seventy Seven Days, by Aline


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By Aline Machado

We arrived in London on June 27th at night. In the following day we would have rehearsal and although I really wanted to go for a walk, it would be better to rest a little more and sleep earlier. On Monday June 28th me, Deborah, Jackie, Daiane and Jaime went to watch the Ernesto Neto´s exhibition in Southbank Center. He is a successful Brazilian plastic artist and his “Edges of the world” is an interesting interactive work. We could play musical instruments, use our hands to change the pages of a round book where we could read the interaction between the things that happens in the world every time. Besides, I saw that is was part of a Brazilian event in Southbank, with lots of Brazilian artists and attractions all over the month. In the afternoon we went to have rehearsal in Barbican Theatre. And during our work, we often asked for information about the third Brazilian match in World Cup against Portugal, lol…

On June 29th our work day began early because of the full schedule in the première day. We had an amazing ballet class! I learned an intelligent way to heat the internal muscles during the bar exercises. Without stop to show the next exercise, teacher Christopher Hampson gave us simple sequences that we could do continuously, and after more than five minutes of tendues and jettés my muscles were almost ready to rehearsal! I´ll never forget this work (it really works,lol!). We also had a photo call, a moment for the photographers to take photos of the show in movement, while we performed some of its parts. Our première was incredible! I loved the Barbican stage since the first step and I felt I would probably have unforgettable moments in it… My intuition was right! After the performance, a great party was prepared to receive us at the Green Room. All the company, the direction and members of Barbican were there, and we could enjoy ourselves a lot! Good music to dance, drinks and a lovely menu made of it one of the best moments I had during all over this tour.

The days in London passed more quickly than ever… At least I could visit some of the wonderful exhibitions in the city. I couldn’t lose this opportunity… London seems to breath art! I went to the Museum of London, where I learned all the history of the place where it`s located, since the pre-history! I’ve got impressed about the details and perfection of this museum,  where we could be transported to the past to comprehend deeply how London has been created and grown from the beginning until now. Furthermore, it wasn’t a boring exhibition about history, as I expected to be… There were lots of videos with images and interviews, comparing the past with the present, from the space to the cultural changes. I hope we can have a museum like that   about Rio de Janeiro. We also had the opportunity to interact in many rooms, and I noticed how children nowadays like to participate in this kind of exhibition. The digital world is part of their culture, they’re growing with this developed sense of activity.

In other day I went to watch the exhibition about Surrealism inside the Barbican Centre. It was incredible, I’ve never seen a so complete and deep work about it. Lots of artists, not only the most famous, had works there. The videos about Surrealism were also elucidated. A piano in the roof seemed to fail above our heads, while a strong noise was produced. After the shock, I could appreciate this unforgettable scene. In the following day I went to the Tate Modern. I could stay there for days, until I appreciate everything with the patient it needs. But I had only a morning, and I did my best to comprehend this history art class as I could. Being in Tate was really a modern art class for me.

All the five performances we did in Barbican were amazing. We were in the end of a long tour, but we knew about the importance it deserves. We prepared ourselves to do our best until the last performance, as just as all over the tour. We accepted the challenge and we won it. Seventy seven days traveling, working and learning a lot with our own experiences and with the great professionals we’ve been. Thank you Dance Consortium, for the opportunity to show how the tour is behind the scenes. Thanks all teachers we’ve worked, because each one was really important for the success of this tour. Thanks Heather Knight, Hans and Laura, for your  all attention given to me in the construction of this diary. Thanks Deborah, Jackie, Karina, João Elias and Gledson, the responsible persons for this great team called Cia. de Dança Deborah Colker. For me like a dancer and like a person too, it’s always a pleasure to work here, with people like them. And above all, thanks God, because without Him I`m nothing. I hope to live all this tour again. Bye…The work is done.

With love,

Aline Machado

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