Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Sheffield: Birthday, Spa and Sightseeing, by Aline

Lyceum Theatre

Lovely Lyceum Theatre | Sheffield Wheel | Victoria’s Birthday (she’s on the far left)

By Aline Machado

On Sunday May 16th we arrived in Sheffield. It was my third day off in the UK, but although I was excited to make a good use of it, I also needed to rest, and I appreciated the city only having a look through the window. It was a great view! I could see the Sheffield Giant Wheel, (where I obviously would go, lol) and a lovely square with people laid down on the grass and children playing with water in the fountain. The first impression about the city was amazing. Later, all the members of the company would commemorate Victoria’s birthday, that would be in the next day. We met at the bar inside the hotel, which had a beauty and modern lounge. Almost all the dancers were there, Karina and Debinha went too, and at midnight we sung the “Happy birthday to you”, even including a little birthday cake that Alice had bought to make a surprise.

On May 17th I had a really incredible time at the Spa inside the St. Paul’s Mercure Hotel. The pool is probably the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, and there were four different kinds of sauna. To be exact, one of them wasn’t usual: it was an ice room, and as soon as I put my feet on it, I felt myself inside an iceberg! Actually, it’s a wonderful physiotherapy treatment, and I remembered its benefits to athletes, as the soccer players, who use to stay in a bathtub with ice to improve the blood circulation and other things. I didn’t have enough courage to live this experience for a long time, lol… it’s a strange sensation. We had ballet class with Karina, our rehearsal coach, (I forgot to do comments about it in the previous cities, and I’ll correct this mistake now). It’s always a pleasure to do her classes because she understands exactly our necessities, our weak and strong points and knows how to make us work without stressing the body. That class was one of the very good ones we’ve been done with her. Besides, Debinha was present and gave us her stretching fitness class too! I must confess that I’ve missed it since we began our tour… It makes we spend energy with consciousness, working together with our body and mind, and improving our body control. After that we had rehearsal, but not by “Cruel”. That’s what always happens when we’re in a tour. Even in the days we have performances, sometimes we rehearsal other ballet of the company repertory. It’s necessary because at the same time we’re performing a ballet, we’ll have to perform others soon.

On May 18th I noticed that just side by side to the hotel there were an interesting garden. I went to have a look and realized it was an art gallery! I watched to the exhibitions and I really appreciated what I saw. There were specially an installation where my shadow was reproduced on the wall though different colors while I moved. It produced a fantastic effect… The colors were changing depending on the intensity and speed of my movements and it was very exciting! I really like interactive art, that’s my favourite kind of exhibition. In the afternoon we had our last class with teacher Daniel de Andrade, who has followed us in four cities we’ve been. And I must say thank you teacher, your classes were amazing and I’ve found out how intelligent is your ballet work. I loved when we made bar exercises without the usual classical music, it stimulates us to enjoy the movements in a different way. It’s also always a pleasure to meet Brazilian successful dancers around the world, as Daniel used to be a few years ago. I hope to work with him again. At night was our premiere in the beautiful Lyceum Theatre. The stage was a little bit smaller than the last ones we’ve performed, so we had to get used to it. But the theatre was very cute inside and outside, I’ve heard that it’s an historic building in the city. Our premiere was wonderful! We had a cocktail after this too, that where even a band playing jazz!

On May 19th went to the Sheffield Wheel with my friend Daiane. In the high altitude that was a beautiful view from the city, mainly the Sheffield Cathedral and other historic buildings. We could hear about the history during the promenade pressing a button inside the cabin. I loved Sheffield! Our second performance was great too. Unfortunately, it was already time to say goodbye…

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