Mark Morris Dance Group: Smooth Sailing, by Rita

Rita Donahue

We just did our final show in Cardiff tonight and I realized that we have only four more shows left on this UK tour.  I believe that  everyone is feeling the fatigue that can come with traveling so much, but the shows have felt like smooth sailing after more than four weeks of performing here.  Even with all the rehearsals we have in New York and abroad, nothing can quite prepare you for performing like performing.  And like anything else, the more comfortable you are performing, the more you can relax, have fun and notice what’s happening with the dance and music surrounding you.

Our time in Cardiff has gone by like the blink of an eye.  We are off to Newcastle tomorrow (on a six and half hour bus ride!) and then our final stop in Aldeburgh.  It’s hard not to think that we have been moving on fast-forward when I reflect on what little time we have left in the UK.  Fortunately, we are returning for a smaller tour this spring.  After all, the plane ride across the pond is only as long as our planned bus trip tomorrow!

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Tour(s): Mark Morris Dance Group 2009

Venue(s): Wales Millennium Centre Cardiff