Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Thank you Bradford! by Aline

Bradford Alhambra

Dani and her friend Titico | Dressing Room | The Beautiful Bradford Alhambra

By Aline Machado

On May 6th was Dani’s birthday and we left Northampton. Our next destiny was Bradford, and after a brief trip we were already there. All the company got impressed with the Great Victoria Hotel. Its enchanted architecture and all the decoration details were lovely. In fact, that’s one of the best hotels I’ve ever been. As usually happens on Thursdays (lol), as soon as we arrived we went to work. I felt immediately in love with Bradford Alhambra Theatre too. The city seemed to be very interesting by the first look, but unfortunately I knew about the impossibility to enjoy it as I would like. We would stay for only two days, because the entire Thursday was already spent with the trip and the rehearsal. That was an Impression Gallery near the Theatre and other interesting buildings that might be Art Galleries.

On May 7th I walked around the hotel to take some photos and noticed something strange with my camera. It wasn’t taking good photos in the sun light (I’m sorry for the photos that aren’t good enough, I intend to buy another when I find an electronic store.) We had our first rehearsal at the Alhambra stage and my friend Cíntia, seated in the auditorium , noticed something I’ve never seen: that were a binocular in each chair that could be used for the spectator through the payment of 1 pound. What a fantastic idea! I think all the theatres around the world should be equipped with this. Actually it’s useful when you get seated far away from the stage, mainly when you’re a detail watcher.

Our première was amazing and the public corresponded enthusiastically. On May 8th the same happened and I left Alhambra wanting to stay a little more. I’m sure it would happen again, if we could have more performances there. Thank you Bradford!

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