The Trocks: That’s what happens when I don’t eat well by Emanuel

Hola a todos!
Can I ask you a question? … I’ll take that as a yes so here it is: why do the restaurants close so early in the UK?   Once the show is over, after we get out of make up and put the laundry away, it’s time to go find something to eat.

Before the show there isn’t that much time because we have class, rehearsals and then off to get ready to perform.  A protein bar or a  piece of  fruit and coffee to boost up the engines is all we can do.  As we  are going to be dancing, it’s not recommended that you have a full stomach, even more so if someone else is lifting you.

Sometimes I’ll buy something at the supermarket; if I’m lucky enough to be in a hotel that has a microwave that can be used (and there are a lot of “high class” hotels that will refuse to warm up food that has not been cooked in their kitchen) I will just eat that.  However microwaveable food is not always that tempting or healthy.  Some other times, like tonight, I left the theater around 10:15 pm  there were not  that many restaurants open, except for the fast food or Chinese.  I miss my kitchen!! I would love to be able to cook something myself and not have to risk my own well being while choosing something from a menu that I have no idea what it has.

Oh and thank the lord that I’m not vegan or vegetarian or kosher, then I would have to take public transportation to the closest vegan/vegetarian/kosher restaurant and come back just in time for class the next day. Do I sound pessimist? … well that’s what happens when I don’t eat well…lol.

So if you have a kitchen of your own enjoy it for me and have a “home cooked meal” in my honor


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