Alvin Ailey ADT: The Final Run-Through, By Daniel Harder

By Daniel Harder

With less than three days before I leave for the UK, I begin to question just how ready I am for this next chapter on my first international tour with the Ailey company. As I reflect back on my experiences thus far, it truly has been a whirlwind experience. Starting in June we began our season at The Brooklyn Academy of Music, which led right into our summer rehearsal period where we learned and rehearsed a plethora of ballets, some of which I am still trying to retain the final eight counts to.

Now, we are in the last week of preparations for the international tour and at times it all feels like a blur. From the final rehearsals of various ballets, to the photo and video shoots, I am slowly trying to wrap my head around what I am about to embark upon. Each day the mixture of excitement, doubt, and fear are slowly creeping up on me more and more. I feel prepared, but at times I begin to second guess myself. It’s only natural to question just how ready you are, but in the end I know we are usually more prepared than we realize.  I know I’ll be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for this adventure.

So, with that, I feel the weight lift off my shoulders, the light hit my chest, and I can begin to see the new journey that lies ahead more clearly.  One thing that’s certain is that I am definitely looking forward to this tour!  It’s going to be a mixture of hard work, fun, and maybe a cocktail or two.  LOL!  Yet, I am anxious to take advantage of the opportunity and blessing to discover and explore new cities and perform and engage in community outreach.

Well, packing must be done, “See you soon” must be said to loved ones, and last minute purchases must be made. Can someone say, “New fall coat?”

Can’t wait to see you at the theater!  Next stop… London!!!!! Stay tuned 😉

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