Trocks 2013: Alberto Pretto, A Stop in Brighton

Hi to all the readers of the dancers’ blogs!

We are half-way through the tour and we have just been performing in Brighton, so today I have the honour to talk about this beautiful city, one of my favorites on this tour. I don’t know what it is about Brighton, but every time I get there I feel very relaxed and in such a good mood. The Queens hotel where we stayed it is right besides the sea, and the view was just incredible!

The Dome Theatre where we performed is located inside the gardens of The Royal Pavillion, this incredibly beautiful construction of the 19th century, and just walking to the theatre in the morning and see all those indian looking cupolas it was a treat for my eyes!
With such a nice environment the shows went really well, and we had a lovely response from the public! The second day of performances we had the honour to have a guest teacher, Mr Brian Loftus.

His class was beautiful and we all loved the light atmosphere that he created around us. Sometimes is good to be in class with a smile on your face. I also felt very inspired by his exercises, so musical and organic that they were a real pleasure to dance!

At the reception after the premiere we met a very good friend of the Trocks: actor drag queen celebrity Stephanie Starlet. She is a big supporter for the company and she often travels around europe to see our shows. It was such a pleasure to see her again and feel all her good energy!

I hope that our Brighton audience enjoyed our shows, we certainly enjoyed being in Brighton and we can’t wait to be back in this beautiful city!

Xoxo, Alberto aka Nina

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