Trocks 2013: Carlos Renedo, ‘Bradford Looking White’

Carlos about to perform the Dying Swan in Bradford

It’s snowing! It’s snowing in Bradford, and it’s very cold compared to the other cities we have visited so far in this UK Tour. But, that won´t stop the Trocks from making the audiences have a great time with our show.

We arrived to this city on Sunday the 10th and had the next day off. I got some much needed rest, but I still had the chance to walk around and visit the city. I went shopping at the Mall, and at night I went to have Indian food at this restaurant known for having the best and bigger Naan bread of the Yorkshire area. It is always very exciting to enjoy the streets of a new city that I have never been to before.

The program in Bradford was Les Sylphides (which is a romantic ballet), Flames of Paris Pas de Deux, La Vivandiere, The Dying Swan and one of our newest ballets called Walpurghis Night, a Roman bacchanal. I am so honored to have been given the chance to make my debut with The Dying Swan! It is definitely hard but it is really fun to do. Dancing on pointe in just a spotlight is much harder than it looks! (not to mention how slippery those feathers can be underneath a pointe shoe while doing “bourree” non-stop).

Tomorrow we are off to Brighton by bus, which is quite a journey. But, I hope to enjoy the scenery that the UK has to offer along the way. I have my reading book, my DVDs and my knitting ready for the trip!

Carlos getting ready to leave Bradford for Brighton

Carlos Renedo (aka Maria Parona)

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Venue(s): Alhambra Theatre Bradford, Brighton Dome