Mark Morris Dance Group: Three cities left, by Michelle

Michelle Yard

We are at the halfway point of our tour and we’ve had an amazing reception here in the UK. I’ve enjoyed dancing with my colleagues and watching them perform. Everyone dances differently and has different personalities but we work very well together and hopefully that comes across in our performances.

We arrived in Edinburgh yesterday, it was my Dad’s birthday. I spoke with him briefly and told him we’d celebrate when I returned.

This is the third time that I’ve been here and it is one of my favorite cities. We are staying in a very central location and I love to walk around and look at the beautiful architecture, it’s breathtaking. I don’t often have a plan or a destination in mind. And that’s okay.

Tonight was our first show, I think it was a good one and the audience enjoyed it. Tomorrow we have the day free before the show and I’m going to do some shopping. I’ve been very money conscious on this tour, and now I’m ready to treat myself. I always like to get something unique that reminds me of my travels.

So… we have three cities left and I hope it continues to go well, we finally got into a groove. Our next project is performing the Hard Nut in Berkeley,CA and I know many of us are starting to mentally prepare for that tour. It’s a constant juggling act, you have to stay focused on the immediate task at hand and think ahead.

Looking forward to the next tour.

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