Trocks 2013: Alberto Pretto, 2nd stop of the tour

I am writing from Birmingham, we have done the first two shows in Salford and the response of the audience was incredible! This is my second UK tour, the first one took place two years ago. On my first tour I just joined the company and I was new to this job, now things have changed and I am excited to be performing new challenging roles! However, it’s incredible how fast time passes by!

Alberto Pretto AKA NIna

When I read the names of the cities I was going to on this tour I didn’t necessarily remember all of them. My memory works by random images: what I remember is often a hotel room, a particular street that caught my attention or the dressing room of a theatre. These images come to my mind when I come back to the same place and I am surprised about how vivid they were in my memory.

I am excited to be doing the UK tour again: I like being here, everything is so well organized. In Salford, the Dance Consortium has invited a guest teacher to teach us class before the show. His name is Paul Bayer Kitcher and he is the director of the Fallen Angels Dance Theatre. He gave a very good class, but I was astonished to discover that this guy has created a professional dance theatre company working with people in recovery, drug addicts and prisoners. I find this a very noble gesture, because it’s nice to bring dance to all different kind of people and audiences, not to mention that this kind of art can truly help these people to be part of the social life again. And dance as well as sports can do incredible good things to our body and mind!

I am looking forward to some shopping here in the UK!
I love british designers, and I like to take the best from the style of different people I see walking on the streets, to create my own one.
I can already feel this UK tour is going to be a good one!

I hope you all will come to our show and show us love and support!
See you there!
Alberto aka Nina


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Venue(s): Birmingham Hippodrome, The Lowry Salford Quays