Trocks 2013: Robert Carter, Gets his Kilt on!

Hello Dance Consortium UK blog readers!

Bobby tries the local fashions in Edinburgh

The last time I blogged was in Canterbury and since then we’ve traveled to
Nottingham, Bradford ,Brighton and Newcastle with audiences in each of those
cities as packed and resounding as the last. We have now arrived in Edinburgh,
Scotland and I must say that this city holds a special place in my heart for the
history that seems to ooze from the flagstones and bricks of many of the streets
and buildings. I always say it’s almost like going back in time or steeping into
a Dickens novel. Pity our visit here doesn’t include a day off this time. I find
nothing nicer than sometimes setting out alone and just walking the streets and
looking at the architecture or browsing in the vintage stores, some of the best
in the UK I think.

In my first blog I discussed that on this tour we’ve received the
opportunity to have guest teachers for warmup. This has been such a pleasant
part of the tour for me. Yes, the individuals of whom I speak are as varied in
style and background as we company members, but the common thread with all is
ballet ,irrespective of one’s particular basic training. I have enjoyed this
mainly because when someone from the outside comes in you tend to more or less
take stock and heighten your awareness. There are some things we all know and
then, depending on the individual instructing, there may be something that
others have been trying to say for years and this person out of the blue will
say the same thing with different words and, “click”,turn on the proverbial
light bulb.

In closing I’d like extend my gratitude to the the Dance Consortium’ s
Heather Knight for organizing such a great tour. The scheduling and
accommodations have been great! I’d also like to thank you former and future
audience members for your growing and continuing support. I’ll be a little sad
to leave the UK but waiting to get back!

Robert Carter

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Venue(s): Alhambra Theatre Bradford, Brighton Dome, Festival Theatre Edinburgh, Grand Opera House Belfast, Marlowe Theatre Canterbury, Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall Nottingham with Dance 4, Theatre Royal Newcastle