Trocks 2013: Robert Carter, Home away from home feeling…

What could be a more fitting gift than landing in one of my favorite countries to begin a tour?

Bobby outside the hotel in Canterbury

Over my tenure with the Trocks, the UK has become a regular stop for us and I have become very fond of the wonderful audiences we draw here. Already things have gotten off to a great start with our opening performances in Salford at The Lowry’s Lyric Theatre to packed houses. Returning to some of the same cities and theatres has given me a ” home away from home” kind of feeling, but I delight in sharing the experience with the new dancers we’ve acquired since our last visit, most visiting the UK for the first time.

We’ve just arrived in Canterbury after three more successful shows in Birmingham at the Hippodrome. A highlight for me thus far is the opportunity to have great warmup class with Kit Holder from the Birmingham Royal Ballet. I find it can be nice sometimes to switch things up and work, even briefly, with someone from a different background and perspective. Many of the dancers also came to the first show and when we have dancers in our audiences it is quite apparent. I think because there’s a vicarious aspect in watching us do things that they’d love to do but would never get away with in their companies.

We’ve brought a new piece in which I’m the lead this time called “Walpurghisnacht”. This piece is an old Russian ballet themed in the Ancient Greek style featuring Bacchus and Pan and Bacchante. I have to admit that in the beginning it took me a while to get a sense of the feeling for the piece, but it has grown on me and I truly enjoy it, as I’m hoping our future audiences will. Judging by the reactions from Salford and Birmingham, I’m sure they will.

It’s still early in the tour and there’s more to come so stay tuned and ” Keep Trockin'”!

Robert Carter ( Olga Supphozova❤)

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Venue(s): Birmingham Hippodrome, Marlowe Theatre Canterbury, The Lowry Salford Quays