Companhia de Dança Deborah Colker: Unforgettable Cardiff, by Aline

Millennium Theatre

The beautiful Cardiff Bay | Cardiff Sighseeing Bus | Incredible Millennium Theatre | Teacher Helen

By Aline Machado

The days has always gone too fast and it’s happening progressively in a higher speed since our tour began. Sometimes when I’m awaking I open my eyes asking myself where I am. (It’s not a joke…). We’re always moving to another city and I almost haven’t had time to unpack my bags. I’ve learned how to improve my organization and tried not to make a big mess in my room. This practice has helped me not to miss anything in the hotels and to waste less time packing the bags again (because sometimes it’s a truly challenge to close them, lol)!

On May 11th we had ballet class again at the National Dance Company Wales Studio. That’s a great place to work, and our ballet class was amazing with teacher Helen Saunders. I think her class is a very interesting muscle work to improve our ballet technique. I liked so much some of the bar exercises that I intend to remember of them to practice alone. It’s always good to travel around the world and find out other kinds of ballet work, it usually makes me rediscover and improve my body conscience. Thanks for your classes teacher!

At night we had our première at Wales Millennium Centre. What a fantastic theatre! The auditorium is one the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. (Check the photos, please.). Our performance was great and we had an interesting answer and question after that too. I liked specially a little girl’s question, who asked about how nervous we become before every show. It’s was a very good question also because the answers should be so much individual. However, Dani’s answer was what I suppose to be everybody’s thought. I remembered the time I had that girl’s age, when I was beginning my experience on stage. Step by step, I started to transform the fear in a good strength, translate the anxiety in self-confidence. Otherwise, the butterflies in stomach will always appear before the curtains lift and, without this feeling, I wouldn’t feel that’s time to  perform!

On May 12th I went to a city tour by the Cardiff City Sight Seeing bus. But first, before the determined time to the bus arrive, me and my friends went to the beautiful Cardiff Bay and took lots of photos (you can check it too). The tour by bus was amazing and I loved the Millennium Stadium, even only outside. After a stop in the Centre, in front of the Castle, we could choose at what time come back to the bus, which departures would be at each 30 minutes. Later, we performed successfully again (thanks God) and I assure you that this theatre is unforgettable to me!

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